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3 Ways Headless Commerce Accelerates Funnel Conversion

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3 Ways Headless Commerce Accelerates Funnel Conversion

The annals of history are filled with now extinct technologies.

Remember GPS systems? By 2012, the wide adoption of smartphones, unlimited mobile data plans and navigation apps were more than capable of getting us from Point A to Point B. Today, dashboard-mounted GPS systems are largely extinct.

Remember monolithic ecommerce platforms? Their once dominant market share positions are being eroded by newer and more advanced solutions, namely: headless commerce.

Back in 2015, before “headless commerce” was even part of the vernacular, Forrester made a prescient comment:

“Software vendors will refactor their ancient architectures or be left behind. The old world of closed, proprietary stacks is dead software walking. In the age of the customer, business responsiveness trumps technology coherence and the cycle times of improvement are measured in days, not years.”

Then sometime around 2016, headless commerce became a blip on the search radar with peaks and valleys. Fast forward to today where “headless commerce” commands over 1,000 searches a month. Though not a crazy high search volume, it’s worth noting that the search volume for headless has been steadily growing.


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