Bolt and Authentic Brands Group Partner to Power a Single-Click Checkout Experience

Starting today with Forever 21, Bolt will enable an unparalleled buying experience for more than 50 million shoppers across 50+ brands including: Lucky Brand, Brooks Brothers, Aéropostale, Juicy Couture, and Nautica.

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Grow shopper loyalty with single-click checkout, zero passwords and a great post-purchase experience.

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The checkout experience doesn’t end at the “buy” button. Bolt brings together the full shopper experience designed to give your repeat shoppers a cohesive branded experience.

Convert with a faster, smarter checkout

Creating an account before the purchase is the #2 reason why shoppers abandon their cart. Get out of the way of the checkout and make it easy for shoppers to establish a relationship with your brand with single-click account creation after the order is placed.


Single-click checkout without passwords

Get shoppers to the ‘buy’ button in record time with a checkout designed to convert—no passwords or long forms. The easier it is to complete a purchase, the easier it is for you to grow revenue. Shoppers who log in with Bolt are 57% more likely to complete their order than those who don’t.


Keep in contact after the checkout

Stay in regular communication with your shoppers through the post-purchase experience. Remain top of mind through order tracking and notifications, and encourage more shopping with add-ons and recommendations on tracking pages.


Your checkout, your brand

The more touch points you have with your shoppers, the more opportunities you have to build shopper loyalty. Highlight your brand across every step of the checkout with your own messaging and customizations to maintain a consistent look and feel.

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