Bolt raises $393M to fuel commerce’s first federated checkout network.

We’re excited to announce that Bolt has raised $393M in new funding at 18 times our valuation 18 months ago.

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Bolt Accounts — Shop everywhere with one click.

Introducing Bolt accounts. Shoppers create an account once, then use it anywhere across a network of hundreds of global brands to get the internet’s fastest checkout. No need to remember usernames, enter passwords, or type in billing addresses for the one millionth time.

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Drive higher conversion rates for first-time shoppers

Online stores ask new shoppers for the same personal data and payment information over and over again. Shoppers with Bolt accounts can breeze through checkout with one click—even on sites they’ve never shopped at before. In fact, Bolt account shoppers convert at 75% higher rate than guest checkout shoppers.

Built-In Benefits

SSO Commerce

Deliver a secure, logged-in experience to your customers that results in increased account registrations for you and reduced customer friction for your shoppers. SSO Commerce unifies logins for shoppers by connecting your store accounts with Bolt accounts. This gives your shoppers access to everything related to your brand—like past order history and loyalty programs—and a one-click checkout experience across all sites in the Bolt network. It’s still your brand, just powered by Bolt.

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Bolt One Click

Bolt One Click provides lightning-fast checkout by saving shopper log-in information so they no longer need to log in over, and over again. Our seamless one-click experience improves conversion and drives repeat business and increased AOV. Every day, Bolt One Click adopters grow the Bolt network, a unified cross-brand network of shoppers, so you can turn potential customers into repeat shoppers. Not only do you delight shoppers, but you also benefit from Bolt One Click’s extensible architecture. Our payment and platform agnostic checkout meets you where you are.

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Order Tracking

Shoppers with Bolt accounts get order tracking updates—convenient for them and free for you. From checkout to delivery, Bolt accounts offer a smooth, branded experience all in one place. The best part for you? No need to maintain (or pay) for an extra order tracking integration.

Learn more about Order Tracking here.

Text and Email Updates

Give shoppers real-time text and/or email updates when orders are placed, shipped, out for delivery, and delivered.

Track My Order Link

Add a “Track My Order” link directly to your website, emails, or texts so shoppers can quickly access their tracking pages.

Shoppable Tracking Pages

Surface product recommendations and allow shoppers to initiate reorders directly from their tracking page to drive additional revenue opportunities.


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