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With Bolt, bring a dynamic fraud and checkout experience to your Adobe Commerce site. As a Premier technology partner, Bolt is flexibly designed to be an all-in-one, fully compatible plug-in for Adobe.

Why Adobe Commerce retailers love Bolt

  • The best checkout experience

    A personalized one click buying experience builds loyal customers while consolidating your checkout, fraud detection and payment processing technology.

  • Built for speed

    Bolt Checkout for Adobe performs 3x faster than the platform’s average, saving shoppers 40+ seconds to purchase.

  • Mobile optimized

    A simply designed product-page flow resulting in average mobile completion rates of 33%—over 2X the industry average.

  • Powerful fraud detection

    Don’t make a tradeoff between conversion and risk. Bolt’s superior fraud detection approves more good orders (all while we cover 100% of your fraudulent chargebacks).

  • 10x more data

    Over 200 variables collected in real-time for each order holistically inform our fraud decisioning (vs. 30-45 variables from leading competitive solutions today).

  • Increased LTV

    Dynamic duo of discount/up-sell functionality plus one-click checkout for repeat purchases enhances average order value (AOV) and loyalty—directly contributing to increased lifetime value (LTV).

Bolt — The Dynamic Fraud and Checkout Experience

Lightning-quick checkout to turn shoppers into paying customers

Say goodbye to unnecessary fields and slow load times while giving your shoppers a world-class checkout experience—designed for any device. Bolt’s dynamically optimized checkout flow + one click functionality makes it easy to reduce friction and strengthen loyalty for a better overall customer experience—on average, 3x faster than Adobe Commerce’s standard checkout.


Options for growth and flexibility are key to retain a customer’s loyalty

A Premier-level technology partner, Bolt is flexibly designed as an all-in-one, fully compatible plug-in for Adobe Commerce. Bring your checkout, fraud detection, and payment processing under one roof via The Bolt Platform, while utilizing our pre-built integrations with best-in-class technology solutions to help scale your business, future-proof your approach, and simplify your tech stack—all without sacrificing quality.


Proprietary fraud model to approve more good orders

Checkout + Fraud are better together. Bolt’s integrated fraud detection solution gathers 4x the real time data signals to allow you to confidently approve more good orders while helping you stay protected from fraud. By linking checkout and fraud, we can also remove unnecessary fields that are used to validate a shopper, creating a faster more streamlined checkout. We’re so confident in our models that we offer to cover 100% of fraudulent chargebacks.


Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento) Side-by-Side Video

See how the Bolt Checkout compares to the standard Adobe Commerce checkout. With Bolt, shoppers finish 3x faster!

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Mike Sullo
Ecommerce and Marketing Manager

"I’m not even sure if I can claim that there’s something else out there that competes with Bolt.
There’s nothing else that provides the complete, all-in-one solution that Bolt does."