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Integrate with one solution to future-proof your business.

Lightning quick checkout to turn shoppers into paying customers.

Stay protected against fraud while approving more good orders.

Payment processor integrations and offerings that scale with you.

Shopper-centric features to help retain and grow your customer base.

Enhancements and add-ons to deliver best-in-class purchase experiences.


While shopping behavior has shifted online, ecommerce checkout hasn’t always kept up. Creating highly customizable checkout experiences that align with your brand and work across all devices is critical for converting today’s multi-device shoppers.

Progressive Web App

icon Bolt checkout is a progressive web app that adds optimized checkout functionality to your online store. Our checkout modal sits natively on your site, allowing customers to complete their purchase without being redirected to another page. Bolt is responsive across different devices and browsers to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

1-Click Checkout

icon Simplify how returning customers make a purchase. Bolt supports login-free, network-wide, single-click checkout for any repeat purchase on domains integrated with Bolt.

Product Page Checkout

Streamline the checkout process by allowing customers to purchase directly from the product page.

Dynamic Personalization

icon Tap into our suite of customization tools to customize the Bolt checkout modal to be inline with the look and feel of your site. Dynamically localize the checkout to match your shopper’s browser language and create unique personalized shopping experiences with custom messaging, opt-ins, and dynamic upsells.


Confidently approve more good orders with our integrated fraud detection solution. Bolt leverages our team of in-house fraud experts and fast-decisioning algorithms to help you stay protected from fraud.

Expert Human Review

icon Our team of in-house risk analysts takes on the responsibility of safeguarding your business by reviewing transactions that require an additional review. You also have the option to force-approve any transaction flagged by our risk team directly from your merchant dashboard.

Real-Time Data Signals & ML

icon Enable faster fraud decisioning using machine learning algorithms that analyze over 200 real-time signals and historical variables on every
transaction. We don’t just rely on static rules, our fraud models look at real time signals while the purchase is happening to help inform our decisioning.

Micro-Authorization Verification

Give shoppers the opportunity to verify card ownership on risk-marked transactions. Rather than outright rejecting orders and risking a negative customer experience, we send shoppers a micro-authorization prompt to confirm the transaction.

Chargeback Representment

icon Expedite chargeback representation by outsourcing most of the work to Bolt. Our platform keeps track of your disputes and helps submit evidence on your behalf.


Use our integrated solution or work with the payment process of your choice. Whatever you choose, get secure online payment processing and granular performance analytics.

International Payments

Localize prices in a shopper’s preferred currency to improve conversions. Bolt Convert pulls the preferred currency and amount from the shopping cart and sends it to our payment processor to convert into USD before charging the customer.

Transaction Overview

Bolt supports the use of installment plans as an optional payment method. Shoppers can split their payment into four installments with payments due every two weeks.

Consumer Financing Options

Bolt supports the use of installment plans as an optional payment method. Shoppers can split their payment into four installments with payments due every two weeks.

Ongoing Compliance

icon Data security is a priority at Bolt, which is why we’re investing heavily to meet standards for secure online payment processing. Bolt is a certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. For more information, click here.


Get access to features that continue to retain and delight shoppers even after they complete their purchase.

Bolt Accounts

icon Shoppers with active Bolt accounts have the option to enable 1-Click Checkout across the network of Bolt-powered sites. Users load a 1-page checkout with all of their preferred information pre-selected to enable a seamless checkout experience

Bolt SMS Communications

icon Configure settings for SMS and email notifications for order confirmations, refunds, and voided orders.

Cart Recovery Emails

Automate shopping cart recovery by sending abandoned cart emails to shoppers who have added items to their shopping cart but didn’t complete their purchase.

Uptime and Performance Monitoring

icon Outages can have a direct impact on your revenue. With industry-leading uptime (99.999%) and 24hr performance monitoring, unplanned downtime is one less thing you need to worry about when you integrate with Bolt Convert.


Accelerate your time to market and push big commits through our network of technology partners and pre-built integrations.

Plug-and-Play Integrations

icon Leverage our list of pre-built integrations to customize the checkout to meet your unique business needs. Bolt’s integrated platform removes the guesswork by ensuring that all systems work cohesively and allows you to manage every integration from one spot.

Facebook & Google Analytics Pixel Tracking

icon Bolt provides native pixel tracking support for platforms like Facebook and Google Analytics, unlocking data around checkout funnel performance and where shoppers drop off.

Funnel Analytics

Bolt provides you with a comprehensive breakdown of your checkout process to help you better understand shopper behavior. Easily view field fills, checkout button clicks, and the number of completed payments.

High-Risk Processing

icon Whether you’re breaking into an emerging industry or selling-high risk products, Bolt is the right payment solution to help you securely process and mitigate your risk of chargebacks.

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