Bolt Series E announcement
Bolt raises $355M as it democratizes commerce globally with one-click checkout.

We're excited to announce that Bolt has raised $355M as it powers the next phase of growth expanding its one-click checkout across the US and EMEA while increasing its network of shoppers and retailers.

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Lightning quick checkout to turn shoppers into buyers

Checkout is optimized and future-proof and we’ll manage the entire checkout flow for your store. Shoppers save their basic information during their first purchase within the network so they never have to enter personal or payment data again.

Progressive Web App

Bolt checkout is a progressive web app that adds optimized checkout functionality to your online store. Our checkout modal sits natively on your site, allowing customers to complete their purchase without being redirected to another page. Bolt is responsive across different devices and browsers to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

One-Click Checkout

Simplify how returning customers make a purchase. Bolt supports login-free, network-wide, single-click checkout for any repeat purchase on domains integrated with Bolt.

Product Page Checkout

Streamline the checkout process by allowing customers to purchase directly from the product page.

Dynamic Personalization

Tap into our suite of customization tools to customize the Bolt checkout modal to be inline with the look and feel of your site. Dynamically localize the checkout to match your shopper’s browser language and create unique personalized shopping experiences with custom messaging, opt-ins, and dynamic upsells.

Localized Bolt one click checkout

Automatically translate checkout flows based on shoppers' browser language, IP location to show relevant shipping and tax options, and currency localizations based on where your site is domiciled.

Remote Checkout

With Bolt and Tipser’s technology united, shoppers can now discover, engage, and purchase directly from social media or on a publisher’s site without ever experiencing friction from a redirect or broken link. For publishers, Remote Checkout generates new revenue streams by capitalizing on already-engaged shoppers and gives them immediate access to hundreds of Bolt retailers and over 10 million shoppers in the Bolt network. For retailers, Remote Checkout allows shoppers to purchase items at the point of inspiration anywhere across the Internet and on any device.

Stay protected against fraud while approving more good orders.

Fraud prevention should fuel your growth, not impede it. With our industry leading approval rates and a 100% fraud chargeback guarantee, you never have to worry about the cost of fraud again.

01 Make the right decision instantly

Real-Time Data Signals

Understand the browsing and shopping behavior of your customers to accurately detect anomalies. Bolt analyzes 200+ real-time behavioral signals to create a comprehensive picture of your shoppers. From updated account details (such as changes to shipping addresses), unrecognized devices, or copy and pasted PIII (personally identifiable information), Bolt’s close connection to the entire checkout experience ensures that we analyze more data points for more accurate fraud decisioning.

Supervised Machine Learning & Rules

Create a multilayered defense against fraud by combining rules and machine learning for maximum protection. Bolt uses supervised machine learning to continuously learn and scale with your business—all while making decisions on ~97% of transactions in real time. In addition to machine learning, rules are used to instantly decline transactions for known instances of fraud, such as those on a PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) list.

Dynamic Verification

Avoid a “one-size-fits-all” approach for authentication and only request authorization for transactions you can’t immediately decline or approve. Since our verification is based on an order’s specific risk level, you can improve the customer experience and ensure orders are not prematurely rejected. Bolt’s deep integrations with payment providers enable verification of card ownership directly within a user’s bank account as opposed to generic and easily-hackable SMS authentication.

Embedded Bot Detection

Prevent bot attacks without negatively impacting the customer experience. Bolt has partnered with Google reCAPTCHA to detect card testing attacks behind the scenes with no action required from your shoppers. This allows you to block bot attacks before fraudsters are able to complete their checkout without adding unnecessary friction.

Past Order Injestion

Use customers’ purchase history to enrich fraud models so that all relevant customer information is taken into account before approving an order. Incorporating the past purchase history of each customer allows you to understand their typical shopper profile and ensure that your loyal customers don’t experience false declines when placing orders.

02 Turn false positives into order approvals

Expert Review Team

Let Bolt handle the heavy lifting of manual reviews so you don’t have to. Our in-house team of experienced risk analysts add a layer of qualitative research to better determine purchase intent. This allows us to approve more orders that may have initially looked suspicious without additional research. You have the option to force-approve any transaction flagged by our risk team so that you always have the final say.

Rejected Order Insights

Make more informed decisions during manual reviews by understanding why an order was rejected. Within the transaction details page, merchants can easily view the top 3 categories and corresponding descriptions that impacted a transaction’s fraud score. From “items in card were subject to fraudulent activity” to “email unrecognized or associated with fraudulent activity,” Bolt ensures that you’re given more than a numeric fraud score without any context before making important decisions.

Order Re-Review

Reduce customer complaints associated with false declines by requesting a second review of declined transactions directly within Bolt’s dashboard. Provide additional context and attach relevant documents (such as past order history) to send to Bolt’s fraud team. This allows you to ensure due diligence is performed on risky orders and helps you convert rejected transactions into approved orders.

Order Verification Emails

Improve customer visibility into order statuses and notify shoppers before their orders are voided. Bolt’s Order Verification Emails notify shoppers that their orders have temporarily been put on hold immediately after a failed fraud review—prompting them to reach out to your support team to verify their orders. This allows you to not only reverse initial order rejections to increase order approvals, but significantly improves the customer experience since even one false decline can turn away a customer for good.

03 Ensure you're protected no matter what

100% Fraud Chargeback Guarantee

We’re so confident in our ability to stop fraud, that we’ll absorb 100% of the cost associated with any fraudulent chargebacks that do occur. With fraud indemnification, you truly never have to worry about the cost of fraud again.

Dispute Management & Reimbursement

Guarantee you’re reimbursed accurately and on time without worrying about submitting a form within a certain timeframe. With Bolt’s direct integration with your payment processor, you’ll be reimbursed automatically.

Non-Fraud Chargeback Representment

Ensure you’re supported on non-fraudulent chargeback disputes. From customer complaints around shipping and delivery issues to problems with faulty products, Bolt is your partner for disputing all chargebacks. Our team of chargeback experts will help you frame representments optimized for reason code and card network with win rates exceeding 50%.

04 See what’s coming next in Fraud Protection

Back Office Order Indemnification

Stay protected from fraud regardless of what channel the order was placed from. Bolt already indemnifies all orders placed online, but we are excited to expand this to include fraud indemnification for orders placed over the phone as well.

Improved Fraud Analytics & Reporting

Gain a deeper understanding of what impacts your business. With Bolt’s improved fraud analytics and reporting, you can now easily track key metrics such as order approval rates, chargeback rates, and much more.


Payment processing integrations and solutions that scale

We make it simple to accept online payments. Use Bolt’s enterprise-grade payments processing solution, or keep your payment solution through a simple integration.

Bolt direct payments

Get an enterprise-grade payments platform that can be harnessed by businesses of any size. We manage the complex, iterative infrastructure needed to continuously optimize your payment flows at 99.99% uptime—without any additional effort on your part.

Payment Processor Integrations

Bolt offers pre-built integrations with leading payment processors, and implementation is as easy as flipping a switch. You can plug your existing payment solution into the Bolt platform, and let Bolt perfect the rest of the checkout experience.

Payment Processor Integrations

Stay up-to-date with the newest payment methods in ecommerce to offer your customers the most convenient purchasing options. Plug into Bolt’s network of APM integrations to offer your customers digital wallets (like ApplePay or PayPal), installment payments (like AfterPay), or financing options (like Affirm).

International payments

Localize prices in a shopper’s preferred currency to improve conversions. Convert pulls the preferred currency and amount from the shopping cart and sends it to our payment processor to convert into USD before charging the customer.

One-click checkout with Bolt Accounts

One click to join, one click to checkout anywhere. No passwords, no usernames, no typing a billing address or payment information for the one millionth time. The result? Happy shoppers with 50% higher conversion rates.

Passwordless Login

Bolt’s one-time-password (OTP) login keeps shoppers’ account information safe and secure while enabling a friction-free sign-in. No need for shoppers to remember usernames, enter passwords, or type in their email address for the millionth time.

Secure Payment Tokenization

When shoppers pay with Bolt, their financial information is encrypted and stored securely in compliance with PCI regulations. They can shop with peace of mind knowing their sensitive information isn’t shared.

Bolt One Click

Checkout should be the least memorable part about shopping online. Bolt Accounts give shoppers a one-click checkout experience on any site in the network—even if they’ve never shopped there before.

Bolt SSO Commerce™

SSO Commerce serves as the unifying login layer that connects your store accounts with Bolt accounts. Give your shoppers access to everything related to your brand—like past order history and loyalty programs—and access to a one-click checkout experience on all sites in the Bolt network. It’s still your brand, just powered by Bolt.

One-Click Account Creation

Create an account once, then never again. Shoppers save their basic information during their first purchase within the network so they never have to enter personal or payment data again. When it comes to accounts, it’s still your brand—just powered by the internet’s fastest checkout.

Localized Bolt Shopper accounts

Bolt’s platform now localizes all address fields for shoppers globally, so they can quickly and easily create a single customer identity that lets them check out with one click on any ecommerce site in Bolt’s network worldwide.

Order Tracking and Notifications

Bolt Account users get a flawless experience from checkout to delivery. Text updates and tracking pages keep shoppers informed in real-time, and additional features like product recommendations or one-click reorders expand the storefront to tracking pages and drive more sales. The best part for retailers? No need to maintain (or pay) for an extra order tracking integration.

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