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Bolt Fraud Protection for BigCommerce

Bolt is the Preferred Fraud Vendor for BigCommerce, designed to give retailers the freedom to focus on their brand while Bolt protects the purchase.

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With virtually no integration time, you can now leverage Bolt Fraud Protection in a new offering exclusive to BigCommerce merchants. As an Elite Technology Partner and Preferred Fraud Vendor, Bolt’s 100% chargeback guarantee works with your standard BigCommerce checkout solution (or Bolt's Checkout Experience Platform) to eliminate fraud losses from your business.

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Bolt’s proprietary behavioral data uses 200+ real-time signals (up to 4x more than competitors) from the customer’s shopping journey to approve orders instantly. This real-time approval is augmented by Bolt’s experienced risk team who manually review additional orders—resulting in 99% approval across all orders. With automated reimbursements and indemnification protection, you’re able to confidently fulfill more orders without worrying about potential losses or liability.

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Why Bolt Fraud Protection for BigCommerce?

Faster Time to Launch

Ensure you’re protected against fraud without worrying about the headache that comes with time-consuming and complicated implementation processes. Bolt Fraud Protection works alongside your existing checkout solution—meaning you’re able to get up and running in a matter of minutes.

Deep Integration with Top Payment Providers

Deeply integrated with leading payment service providers such as Braintree, Cybersource, Stripe, Adyen, Worldpay, and NMI, Bolt is the only fraud provider embedded directly into your payments workflow. This connection enables Bolt to detect chargebacks, submit representments, and automatically issue payouts with minimal work on your end.

PCI Compliance Handled on Your Behalf

Remove the risk of mishandling PII (personally identifiable information) and let Bolt take on the responsibility of PCI compliance. Bolt is certified Level 1 PCI compliant and hosts the entire payment step of checkout (where all sensitive PII is submitted) on your behalf—reducing your compliance scope. When shoppers pay with Bolt, not only are we able to effectively assess the riskiness of a transaction from this payment step, but all financial information is tokenized—ensuring that data remains private and is always protected.

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