Bolt + Magento: Easy Fraud, Payment, and Checkout Management

Magento merchants looking for fraud, checkout, and payment processing can rely on Bolt's comprehensive checkout platform. Manage both platforms conveniently from a centralized dashboard. Make operating your Magento store easy and limit single solution providers by trusting an all-in-one, partnered integration.

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Today, we are excited to announce Bolt’s addition to the Premier tier of the Adobe Exchange Partner Program — a step that furthers our mission to democratize commerce and empower independent retailers. The Adobe Exchange Premier-level partnership recognizes best-in-class technology solutions that help drive commerce innovation at the highest levels. In making this move, Bolt becomes one of only 15 Premier Technology Partners in the Magento Commerce ecosystem of more than 1000 partnerships.

With over $550M of retailer payment volume processed since 2018 and 100+ joint customers, Bolt and Magento’s synergy have already been at play.

This partnership is taking our integration to the next level by bringing Bolt’s dynamic checkout experience to thousands of retailers powered by Magento Commerce at a critical moment in time — when it’s sink or swim for many independent retailers.

Why Bolt and Magento are a “Perfect Pairing”

Historically, retailers that have combined Bolt’s checkout with Magento’s open-source ecommerce platform create a better customer experience leading to greater checkout completions from initial checkout to repeat customer transactions. In fact, mobile checkout completion rates have been improved by 57%, and checkout is 30% faster overall — across the board.

As an approved Magento marketplace app, installation is fast and simple. This makes integrating Bolt’s checkout experience with Magento stores as convenient as possible.

Easy Management, Growth & Flexibility

Combining Bolt with your Magento ecommerce store lets you manage fraud, checkout, and payment within Magento’s dashboard. Rather than handling two or more third-party vendors and integrations, all three can be streamlined with one reliable tool, making management easy. A simpler tech stack reduces the overhead costs related to development and support while minimizing fraud losses.

Magento’s open-source platform fosters competition and substantive development, resulting in high-quality results from developers. Adding Bolt’s optimized checkout platform empowers merchants with fraud detection and prevention, payment processing, and a fast, seamless checkout for customers.

Bolt’s Checkout Experience Platform drastically changes the way Magento merchants think about supporting the customer experience, as you can rely on Bolt for performance, security, and scalability without having to find other extensions, plugins, or add-ons. Instead, you can use one tool to give your customers and vendors a comprehensive, full-service application they can count on.

With Magento and Bolt, you’ll get:

  • Speed: An optimized Magento ecommerce engine with Bolt’s checkout platform is one of the fastest checkout experiences available online.
  • Security: Unparalleled fraud control and level 1 PCI compliance out of the box means you can rely on Bolt for not just performance, but security, without needing 3rd party extensions.
  • Future-proofing: Real-time updates and enhancements with cutting edge features are readily available for both Bolt and Magento, so both are working at peak performance and operating together effectively.

Combine Bolt’s Checkout Experience Platform with your Magento ecommerce platform to provide a better overall customer experience for your shoppers. Gain greater traction at checkout, improve conversions, increase customer loyalty and limit checkout abandonment while staying protected against fraud.

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