Introducing Bolt One-Click for Solidus

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Elise Hauser

Product Marketing Manager, Merchant Experience

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Introducing Bolt One-Click for Solidus

Solidus is a free, open-souce ecommerce framework that many digitally-native, fast-growing brands call home. Brands like Trade, Floyd, Away, and Glossier are leading the market with innovative products and marketing approaches, and they need an ecommerce platform that can keep up. For these brands Solidus provides a flexible, scalable, and reliable ecommerce platform that facilitates the brands’ missions. That is precisely why Solidus makes such a natural partner for the Bolt Federation

Bolt One-Click for Solidus adds even more value for Solidus merchants by working with their existing checkout experience to provide seamless one-click checkout that drives higher conversion levels, gives merchants access to the 10s of millions of shoppers in the Bolt Network, and increases customer lifetime value by growing shopper account creation, return shopping, and AOV. 

Optimize your existing checkout

Merchants can, understandably, be reluctant to make major changes to their checkout flow. No one wants the hours spent fine tuning a checkout experience to go to waste. That’s why Bolt One-Click for Solidus is not a “rip and replace” solution. Rather, Bolt uses APIs to embed into the merchant’s existing checkout flow. This means two things: 

  • it takes minimal time and effort to get set up with Bolt One-Click
  • the customers’ experience is not interrupted by a third party—They aren’t redirected off the merchant’s website or barraged with unfamiliar branding. 

So what does change when Bolt One-Click is installed on a Solidus ecommerce site? Merchants are able to use Bolt to instantly identify shoppers (even ones that are new to their site) and auto-fill all the checkout fields, giving customers a seamless, one click, passwordless experience.

This one-click checkout drives higher conversion rates as shoppers encounter less friction in the checkout flow. In fact, Bolt Account shoppers are 47% more likely to complete checkout.

The power of the Bolt Network

In addition to a seamless one-click checkout experience, merchants using Bolt One-Click for Solidus will also gain access to the Bolt Network. This network is made up of more than 13 million checkout-ready shoppers and it’s growing—49.5% of eligible shoppers choose to save their information and create a Bolt Account during checkout. 

This is important, because it’s not just a Bolt Account that they are creating when they opt in. With Bolt SSO Commerce, when shoppers opt into creating a Bolt Account, Bolt will automatically and simultaneously create a store account for that shopper on a merchant’s site. This means merchants using Bolt One-Click will acquire more customer accounts, and shoppers will have a single, unified account experience instead of a lengthy registration process. 

Bolt SSO Commerce is putting an end to guest checkout and helping merchants see more lifetime value from their customers. The checkout rate for Bolt Accounts is 73%, compared to 49.8% for guest checkout. Additionally,  Bolt account shoppers are 63% more likely to make a repeat purchase with the same retailer than guest shoppers. 

Bolt One-Click for Solidus

Bolt One-Click helps merchants on Solidus increase conversions and revenue by providing a frictionless checkout experience that seamlessly integrates with your existing checkout and payment options. Merchants can also access a network of more than 13million checkout-ready shoppers, and grow their own store accounts to increase customer lifetime value. 

If you are a merchant on Solidus and would like to learn more about how you can leverage Bolt One-Click, contact Barrett Barnes at


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