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How to Transform The Guest Checkout

Brands are challenged to meet customer demands while also making choices that support their internal initiatives. The good news is, you can adopt a solution that transforms checkout into a member experience—without putting any burden on your customers.

It’s called identity-powered commerce.

We’ve created this quick guide to explore how identity-powered commerce combats the greatest challenges brands face. Inside you’ll uncover:

  • The Hidden Costs of Anonymized Customers
    • Guest checkout anonymizes all customers—even return customers—and is at the core of two crucial problems that brands are facing.
  • The Ins-and-Outs of Identity-Powered Shopping
    • Learn how identity-powered commerce helps create hyper-personalized experiences for shoppers, and helps retailers unlock higher LTV.
  • The Unique Demands of Shopper 2.0
    • The needs and preferences of today’s shoppers are ever evolving, learn how your business can exceed these expectations to capture more sales.

Download the full infographic here.

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