Improve Checkout Conversion by Transforming the Ecommerce Experience

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Improve Checkout Conversion by Transforming the Ecommerce Experience

Today’s shoppers have high expectations. They’re used to the gold standard ecommerce experience set in place by mega marketplaces. They expect one-click experiences with fast and free shipping. They will abandon their carts when faced with any inconvenience and will checkout as a guest just to avoid having to remember their password.

Retailers are challenged to meet shopper demands while maximizing customer lifetime value (LTV). However, there is a solution that can transform your brand’s ecommerce experiences without compromise: It’s called identity-powered commerce.


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Successful brands know their customers, and they use the information about them to create incredible ecommerce experiences. It’s a win-win relationship for both brands and customers. Customers enjoy enhanced shopping experiences, and brands maximize customer lifetime value. However, this relationship can only flourish if brands can recognize their customers.

Guest Checkout Anonymizes Customers

Creating a great ecommerce experience hinges on personalization. Brands have taken the time to invest in sophisticated algorithms that guide customers through checkout conversion. Still, this technology only works if the customer can be recognized in the first place.

The biggest roadblock to customer recognition is guest checkout. Even shoppers with store accounts often check out as a guest to avoid another username-and-password struggle. Guest checkout eases friction for the customer, but it ultimately prevents brands from recognizing any customers—new or returning.

Brands see an average 20% increase in sales by offering a customized shopping experience over a generic one.

These Anonymized Customers Bring Hidden Costs

To meet the desires of customers, brands have long offered guest checkout. Even though it robs merchants of countless customer relationship opportunities, simply offering guest checkout can increase checkout conversion rates by 45%. And most brands are willing to make that trade-off.

It may seem like a small decision—but the impacts on your business are huge. Data insights to help drive direct marketing and product recommendations is lost through guest checkout transactions:

  • Personalized shopping suffers, and, in turn, so does your customer experience as you have no way to identify customers
  • Loyalty programs are rendered useless, which means brands are missing out on repeat business
  • Customer LTV diminishes with no opportunities to build trust with customers

Understanding Ecommerce Experience Roadblocks

Overcoming these roadblocks doesn’t require removing guest checkout—it requires replacing it with a more powerful and convenient option.

Identity-Powered Commerce

Meeting the heavy demands of today’s shoppers simply can’t be done without personalization. Identity-powered commerce gives brands the information and access they need to create incredible ecommerce experiences that exceed customer expectations.

Identity-powered commerce innovates your checkout conversion strategy by transforming anonymous shopping experiences into personalized, logged-in experiences—at scale.

Identity-powered commerce is built on three central pillars that provide the basis for every customer experience:

  • Universal shopper profile: Identity-powered commerce lets customers create a single unified identity across retail sites. It leverages commerce-enabled single sign-on to link all accounts in the background. This universal shopper profile optimizes the customer ecommerce experience and gives brands the insights they need to power those experiences. Brands even reap the benefits of cross-network insights. The best part? There’s no additional work for customers—it’s as smooth as a guest checkout experience.
  • Customer insights: When the universal shopper profile links in the background, brands can instantly “recognize” more and more of their customers. With profiles linked across browsers and devices, brands have more insights into shopping patterns and preferences to create customized post-purchase experiences.
  • Merchant insights: As more and more shoppers become recognizable, merchants can unlock additional actionable insights. Brands can dive into the data and figure out why customers come to their site and either do or don’t make a purchase.

It’s 350% more profitable to sell to an existing customer than to a new one. Identity-powered commerce allows brands to nurture those existing customer relationships.

Bolt: Built for Identity-Powered Commerce

Bolt’s checkout experience platform is built for identity-powered commerce. It helps retailers create incredible ecommerce experiences that increase checkout conversions. The solution drives value across the entire shopping lifecycle, from personalized shopping to checkout. It includes:

  • Bolt One Click checkout
  • Bolt SSO Commerce
  • Fraud protection
  • Insights dashboards
  • Compatibility across payment options and shopping platforms

Bolt account shoppers spend on average 40% more than guest shoppers and are 9x more likely to become repeat buyers.

Overcoming Ecommerce Experience Roadblocks

It’s time to improve checkout conversion with a solution that enables incredible customer experiences while streamlining the checkout process. By investing in identity-powered commerce, brands can recognize more customers and create the personalized experiences they expect, elevating customer LTV. Bolt provides all the core features of identity-powered commerce and more with a checkout experience platform built for brands and with the customer in mind.

Transform Checkout Conversion


Want to know all the secrets to improving online shopping customer experiences?

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