Upgrade Your Guest Checkout UX With Identity-Powered Commerce

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Bolt Team

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Upgrade Your Guest Checkout UX With Identity-Powered Commerce

It’s time to upgrade your guest checkout UX with identity-powered commence. The right solution will provide customers with a simplified checkout experience (win!) and provide you with the insights needed to power personalized experiences and keep customers coming back (win-win!).

Bolt checkout experience platform was built with the core pillars of identity-powered commerce in mind. By improving your guest checkout UX, you’ll reap the benefits of deeper customer insights, and you’ll realize more conversions through an extensive network of top brands.

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Bolt’s platform creates an incredible checkout experience that drives value across the entire shopping lifecycle, from perfecting checkout to powering personalized shopping.Supercharge Guest Checkout UX with Personalization Using the Bolt Network

With over 5.5 million Bolt shoppers, the Bolt Network is one of the largest and fastest-growing identity commerce networks. Merchants on the network get more shopper data and more direct relationships with their customers, which means more ways to upsell and create personalized customer experiences that drive conversions.

Bolt SSO Commerce™ is the first step for merchants in reclaiming customer relationships. With the proprietary technologies to make every customer a known customer, brands can create incredible experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

Plus, when you implement Bolt on your website, you get instant access to a pool of checkout-ready shoppers. Tapping into the Bolt Network gives you the power to make new shoppers known and lock them in as repeat customers.

Bolt account shoppers are 9x more likely to become repeat buyers and spend on average 40% more than guest shoppers.

Implement Identity-Powered Commerce with Bolt

With Bolt SSO Commerce, a shopper can create a Bolt account for one-click checkout and a store account for the retailer by selecting a single checkbox. The solution combines the benefits shoppers enjoy through a store account with the secure, one-click checkout convenience that a Bolt account provides across its entire retail network.

Bolt SSO Commerce is the first to market with a game-changing identity layer that unlocks store account registrations for retailers while tying together the advantages of a store account, a network account, and a one-click checkout experience for shoppers through a single sign-on. It allows the customer to experience a streamlined guest checkout UX with the benefits of a logged-in account. Now, more independent retailers can access customer insights and engagement opportunities that were previously only available through store account creation.

Single Sign-On: A Streamlined Guest Checkout UX—With the Benefits of a Logged-In Experience

No extraneous clicks or complicated page navigation—Bolt’s fluid checkout experience makes purchasing enjoyable, translating to higher conversion rates. The first time a shopper makes a purchase on any merchant’s site within the network, they save their details and enter the Bolt Network. Now through the shopper dashboard, customers have access to an enriched and fully connected shopping experience.

Customers convert at a 60% higher rate when using Bolt’s one-click checkout features. Plus, an ever-present “buy now” button provides immediate checkout on any page.

Provide a 360° Experience and One-Click Checkout

Experience the true value of your known customers and take control of your data with an enhanced merchant analytics dashboard. Powerful data visualizations illustrate:

  • How fraud is coming in and how it’s being stopped by Bolt
  • Bolt accounts created compared to guest checkout transactions
  • Total Bolt account and guest checkout revenue
  • Payment and risk analytics for streamlined management

Insights Dashboard

With Bolt, customers can pay with any major credit card or leading alternative payment methods, including:

  • Affirm
  • Afterpay
  • Amazon Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Klarna
  • PayPal

Payment Options

We currently support custom-built sites as well as retailers on:

  • Adobe (Magento)
  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Shopping Platforms

Bolt simplifies compliance, customer security, and fraud prevention with a built-in array of tools and processes that provide 100% automated fraud protection and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 compliance. We also host the entire checkout environment on your behalf, reducing your compliance scope for online checkout.

Industry-Leading Security

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Want to know all the secrets to improving online shopping customer experiences?

Download our ebook: Transform Guest Checkout into a Member Experience with Identity-Powered Commerce

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