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All Things Barbecue is a Wichita-based retailer offering the best equipment, sauces, rubs, and accessories needed for cooking outdoor.

Before Bolt

Adobe Commerce
fraud prevention
  • Over 80% of carts abandoned at checkout
  • Rejecting large numbers of good customers
  • Zero protection against fraud activity
  • Spending 1-2 hours/day manually reviewing orders
  • Abandoned cart rate under 50%
  • 60% increase in order approval rate
  • 190% increase in checkout conversion
  • 6 digit increases in monthly revenue

tracked results

Lift in order approval rate
60% With Bolt
Lift in checkout conversion
190% With Bolt
Checkout completion with Bolt
>50% With Bolt
Revenue lift with Bolt
>3x With Bolt
Phil Hamilton
Operations Lead

“In just under a year working with Bolt, we've reported 6-digit increases in month-over-month revenues. A significant amount of that revenue is because of Bolt.”

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