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How Drone Nerds increased their order approval rate by 9.4%

  • 9.4%Increase in order approval rate
  • $0Lost due to fraudulent orders

Increase in order approval rate

  • Checkout Platform: Adobe Commerce
  • Payment Processor: Authorize.net
  • Fraud Prevention: Signifyd
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How Drone Nerds increased their order approval rate by 9.4%

As the largest distributor of drones in the United States, Drone Nerds has built their business by providing high quality drones and customer service to match. With products for amateur videographers to professional surveyors, from small businesses to enterprise corporations, Drone Nerds not only lives up to their namesake when it comes to drone technology, but is well-versed in the needs across its customer base as well.

The company first opened its doors in 2014 with a small team of 3 employees. Over the past 7 years, they’ve grown their staff up to a team of 60 while continuing to expand their extensive product range with the largest inventory of drones in the country.

"In addition to everything that we were doing, verifying orders in a timely manner was a little tough because everybody was wearing 15 different hats...We’ve come a long way with the support from partners like Bolt."

Increased Exposure to Fraud Leads Drone Nerds to Bolt

In the early days, Rick McInnes and Robbie Weitzner wore every metaphorical hat in the book to ensure their business ran smoothly and customers were happy. One of these many responsibilities included fraud prevention and reviewing customer orders. As Drone Nerds recalls, “it was just us trying to verify these customers ourselves. So in addition to everything that we were doing in general, verifying orders in a timely manner was a little tough because everybody was wearing 15 different hats.”

Juggling the mounting demands of a fast-growing company began to illuminate a need for a more permanent fraud solution. As Drone Nerds explains, “you’re crossing your fingers because you’re like, ‘okay, I hope this is not fraud.’” In 2018, Drone Nerds selected Bolt as their fraud solution and as Drone Nerds describes the relationship since then, “we’ve come a long way with the support from partners like Bolt.”

Introducing Declined Order Recovery

Since implementing Bolt, Drone Nerds has provided invaluable insights into new product features and functionality which have helped influence Bolt’s product roadmap. “When we give feedback, you guys do something about it,” Drone Nerds explains. “We appreciate that—your ability to make changes.” So when Bolt introduced its Declined Order Recovery features, a suite of fraud features dedicated to turning false positives into order approvals, some of the specific requests Drone Nerds made were addressed.

Although false positives, which occur when legitimate orders are incorrectly declined, should happen infrequently, they unfortunately are inevitable. And in the drone industry, where average order values are significantly higher than other industries, declining a legitimate order can mean leaving significant money on the table.

Bolt’s Declined Order Recovery features—which include Rejected Order Insights, Order Re-Reviews, and Order Verification Emails—target this specific false positive problem by improving transparency around declined orders and giving both shoppers and retailers actionable ways to overturn any false positives that do occur.

The Declined Order Recovery Difference

Of Bolt’s three new fraud features, which are all available as part of Bolt Fraud Protection, Drone Nerds saw the biggest change in their daily operations thanks to Order Re-Reviews. As the name implies, Order Re-Reviews allow retailers to simply request an additional review of an order that has been declined. Instead of filing and managing multiple support tickets, retailers can request Bolt’s in-house team of dedicated risk analysts to take a closer look at transactions and attach any relevant information (such as past order history) directly into the transaction details page of Bolt’s Merchant Dashboard. Drone Nerds describes “the ability to go in there and do it ourselves,” as a key value add for Order Re-Reviews. “It’s a wonderful tool that you provide to us.”

From shopper’s perspective, Order Verification Emails, notify shoppers before their orders are permanently rejected. Customers are sent an email explaining that their orders have temporarily been put on hold and prompt them to reach out to verify their orders. This improved communication and transparency with customers has helped Drone Nerds improve their overall customer experience. “They aren’t like ‘hey, where’s my order?’ after a couple of days because nobody reached out,” Drone Nerds explains. “So the initial email of ‘hey, something’s up’ typically triggers people to respond. It’s definitely great—just keeping people in the loop in general is always good.”

In fact, since enabling the Declined Order Recovery features, Drone Nerds has seen their order approval rate increase from 81.2% to 90.6%. Drone Nerds describes the partnership with Bolt, “you always listen. We bring up suggestions and you are always receptive. A good partner for sure, probably one of the best we’ve had.”