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Energy Conscious is a nationwide leader in providing energy-efficient home improvement products to contractors, builders, and homeowners.

Before Bolt

Magento 1
fraud prevention
  • Spending 1-2 hours/day manually reviewing orders
  • Thousands in monthly chargeback costs
  • High shopping cart abandonment
  • Low conversion for mobile users
  • 45% lift in checkout conversion
  • Doubled rate of abandoned carts recovered
  • Checkout optimized for web and mobile
  • Thousands in chargeback costs avoided
  • 0 minutes spent on order review

tracked results

Lift in checkout conversion
45% With Bolt
Time spent on transaction review
0 minutes With Bolt
Cost of fraud
$0 With Bolt
Lift in abandoned cart recovery
2x With Bolt
Drew Jacobson
Operations Manager

“Before Bolt, we had 1-2 people spending hours manually reviewing orders each day. Now, we’re able to focus on what we do best — providing customers with great products and excellent service — while trusting Bolt to take care of checkout, payments, and fraud. We’re thrilled about the results we’ve already seen on the Bolt platform.”