Moon Audio is a high-end audio cable manufacturer, headphone and hifi audio gear retailer based in North Carolina.

Before Bolt





fraud prevention


  • Weighed down by fraud chargebacks
  • Good customers declined due to false positives
  • Slow checkout experience
  • Low conversion for mobile users
  • 29% lift in checkout conversion
  • 17X return on each dollar spent with Bolt
  • 0 minutes spent on order review
  • Zero fraudulent chargebacks

tracked results

Lift in checkout conversion
29%With Bolt
ROI from switching to Bolt
17xWith Bolt
Time saved on manual order review
100%With Bolt
Cost of fraud
$0With Bolt

Nichole Baird

Chief Operating Officer

"I don’t have to worry about fraudulent chargebacks anymore! It took so much of my time and was very time-sensitive."