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Moon Audio is a high-end audio cable manufacturer, headphone and hifi audio gear retailer based in North Carolina.

Before Bolt

Magento 2
fraud prevention
  • Weighed down by fraud chargebacks
  • Good customers declined due to false positives
  • Slow checkout experience
  • Low conversion for mobile users
  • 29% lift in checkout conversion
  • 0 minutes spent on order review
  • Zero fraudulent chargebacks
  • 17X return on each dollar spent with Bolt

tracked results

Lift in checkout conversion
29% With Bolt
Time spent on transaction review
0 minutes With Bolt
Cost of fraud
$0 With Bolt
ROI from switching to Bolt
17x With Bolt
Nichole Baird
Chief Operating Officer

“I don’t have to worry about fraudulent chargebacks anymore! It took so much of my time and was very time-sensitive.”