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Founded in 1999, Watches.com offers the world's largest online collection of diverse and unique watches.

Before Bolt

fraud prevention
Sift Science
  • Spending 20 hours / week reviewing orders
  • Hassle managing 4 tools
  • Rejecting some good customers
  • High friction payments experience
  • Calling customers for verification
  • 0 minutes spent on order review
  • $0 in fraudulent chargebacks
  • 1 tool to replace 4
  • 10.2% more approved orders
  • 5.5% more in new customers
  • Frictionless customer fulfillment

tracked results

Lift in checkout conversion
5% With Bolt
Lift in order approval rate
10% With Bolt
New generated revenue
22% With Bolt
Lift in customer lifetime value
4% With Bolt
Daniel Hunsaker
Vice President, Watches.com

“Bolt has been incredible for our business. We went from reviewing orders constantly to never dealing with fraud again. Bolt found us millions in extra revenue that we were previously rejecting.”

Andrew Greenblatt
Co-Owner & President, Watches.com

“We thought Sift Science was good and were skeptical at first. Bolt took it to a whole other level. They have earned our trust, respect, and appreciation.”