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Customer Accounts & Shopper Preferences Report

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If the majority of shoppers prefer to checkout with a customer account, what holds them back from signing up for one? That's exactly what we set out to find out when we interviewed over 800 U.S. consumers. Download our report to uncover their thoughts about the creation and use of customer accounts — along with the #1 reason stopping them from signing up, and the key actions you can take to get more sign-ups.

The Value of Accounts — Speed and Convenience

Most shoppers prefer to checkout with an account vs. as a guest. Why? Because they don't have to fill out payment and shipping information every time they complete a purchase. Learn how you can streamline your checkout to reduce abandonment and get more shoppers to sign up for an account.

Security — The Silent Killer of Account Creations

Privacy and security are top of mind for consumers. Even though 98% of shoppers have at least one store account, they're not comfortable saving their details at every retailer. Why? Because of concerns over the security of their information. Learn how to cultivate trust with shoppers to secure more account signups.

Driving Incremental Revenue with Customer Accounts

How can you increase customer lifetime value and drive additional revenue? Simple: get more shoppers to sign up for an account. Learn what factors actually drive shoppers to sign up for an account, so you can revamp and optimize your account acquisition, activation, and retention programs.