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    The Value of Personalization in Checkout

    Online shopping isn't an excuse for retailers to provide customers with a less-than-stellar shopping experience. Your shoppers are expecting the same level of care and attention they would receive in a traditional brick and mortar store. In this ebook, we'll walk you through how a robust ecommerce personalization strategy can help you deliver winning experiences and convert shoppers into lifelong fans.

    The Value of Personalization

    According to research by Google, 85% of online shoppers are more likely to shop from brands that offer highly personalized discounts and exclusive offers. As competition for consumer attention grows exponentially, online retailers must focus on delivering personalized shopping experiences to stand out from the crowd.

    Personalization 101

    Ecommerce personalization is all about creating dynamic shopping experiences tailored to your shopper’s unique expectations and shopping habits. Instead of a blanket approach designed to cover a variety of personas, retailers focus their personalization strategy on creating fine-tuned shopping experiences.

    Personalization Strategies

    While there’s no silver bullet for ecommerce personalization, these 7 tactics can serve as the foundational strategies for your business. Each of the chapters outlined below will include comprehensive tips to help you tailor custom shopping experiences for each shopper on your site.


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