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All About Chargebacks

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Ecommerce revenue growth continues to set new year-over-year records, creating one of the fastest-growing opportunities for fraudsters to defraud online retailers of millions of dollars a year. In this ebook, we'll help you recognize the tell-tale signs of fraud and share tips to help protect your business from fraudulent chargebacks.
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What Are Chargebacks

When used correctly, chargebacks help protect online shoppers from fraudulent charges. However, even the most reputable online retailers can still receive illegitimate chargeback requests. Learn what chargebacks are, how they affect your online business, and what you can do to help keep your chargeback rates in check.

Navigating The Chargeback Dispute

Receiving a chargeback doesn’t mean your business is automatically out of luck and immediately out of funds. We're demystifying the chargeback process to help you better manage a dispute and give your business a fighting chance.

Understanding Chargeback Reason Codes

To increase your chances of winning a chargeback dispute, you’ll want to gather compelling evidence that addresses the reason code and proves your business is in the clear. Get familiar with some of the most common chargeback reason codes from the major card networks.