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    Ecommerce Fraud & Consumer Sentiments Report

    Bolt conducted a survey of U.S. shoppers that make at least one purchase per month to understand their thoughts about fraud and shopping online. We’re excited to share these learnings with you so you can get a better understanding of where to focus your energy and resources to compete successfully in 2021.

    How False Declines Impact Customer Experience

    A false decline isn't just a one-time loss of revenue — declining genuine customers could potentially deter them from shopping at your store again in the future. Learn more about the relationship between false declines and customer lifetime value.

    Trust Index: Marketplaces vs Independent Retailers

    Shipping guarantees, saved payment and shipping details, and passwordless checkout are just a few factors that shape a shopper's perception of the buying experience. Learn how independent retailers can cultivate trust at checkout to compete with large, established brands.

    Effectively Balancing Speed with Security

    Consumer expectations have never been higher. Shoppers expect a streamlined checkout but are unwilling to compromise fraud detection for the sake of speed. Going into 2021, retailers need to put equal weight on speed and security to capture the next wave of digital-first shoppers.


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