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Enhancements and add-ons to deliver best-in-class purchase experiences.

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Today, shoppers expect a fast and seamless shopping experience. And yet, friction in the checkout still remains a top reason why shoppers don’t complete their purchase. With Bolt Convert streamlining your checkout and improving your conversion rate, you’re free to focus on truly impactful things - like differentiating your brand or building an incredible customer experience to delight shoppers.


If you have an ecommerce website and you are not processing with Bolt, you are at a competitive disadvantage. Period.”


Cameron Manesh

CEO and Founder, Cameron’s Seafood

Find the right solutions to fit your business needs

The ecommerce ecosystem is a fragmented one with hundreds of tried-and-true and new technologies that exist to power your website. Time spent vetting each solution cuts into your time differentiating your brand and products. We aim to simplify this by offering a number of pre-built integrations that are fully compatible with Bolt’s platform.


Accelerate big bets

Have a big commitment on the horizon? We can help you expedite your roadmap with one of our existing integrations. Whether you’re looking to accept alternative payment methods, offer shoppers new ways to pay, or looking to provide personalized shopping experiences, we’ve got you covered.


Optimize with real-time reporting and full-funnel analytics

We understand how impactful funnel metrics can be for the success of your business, which is why we’re providing native pixel tracking support for Google Analytics and Facebook. These out-of-the box capabilities allow you to send events to your Google and Facebook analytics platforms with minimal to no work on your side, providing your business with a holistic overview of your entire checkout funnel. You’ll gain comprehensive insight around how shoppers interact with your emails and site, in addition to seeing clearly how they move through the Bolt checkout.


Features to up-level the entire purchase experience: