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    Getting More From Your Fraud Scoring Software

    Ecommerce fraud is on the rise, growing nearly twice as fast as aggregate ecommerce sales. Most retailers have adopted a fraud management or fraud scoring tool to mitigate these increased risks of fraud, but these tools come with a hidden cost — "false declines". Today, more revenue is lost rejecting good customers (false declines) than is lost to actual fraud. Download this eBook, to uncover the 4-steps to improve your fraud review process and capture more revenue.

    How your fraud review process is costing you money

    Today, more revenue is lost to “false declines” than actual fraud losses. Learn how to identify the hidden sources of loss, and win back revenue. Also uncover the 15 best fraud-prevention vendors.

    Improving your in-house review process

    As your business grows, the hours spent on order review can quickly add up. We’ll go over the ways to increase the efficiency of your existing in-house fraud review process and maximize your team’s productivity.

    Educating your finance team, maximizing your profits

    Fraud review isn’t just a customer service issue; it’s a cost center. Learn how to easily educate your finance team about your fraud scoring tool’s hidden costs, and get tips on how to reverse them.


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