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How to Improve Conversion Rates

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After a year of unprecedented growth in ecommerce, consumers have more choices than ever for shopping online. But retailers are still grappling to keep up with their shoppers’ ever-higher expectations for smooth shopping experience – because a single hiccup can cause shoppers to abandon the store and go shop elsewhere.

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The biggest shifts in retail strategies

Which website features had the biggest impact on conversions? Which areas will see the highest increase in investments? And what impact does a one-click checkout on a retailers’ bottom line?

New technologies that are changing ecommerce

Was augmented reality worth the investment? Did headless commerce improve conversions? And are marketplaces really changing the retail space?

10 tips to boost your conversions in 2021

What are the ten takeaways to boost conversions in 2021 and beyond? And did reducing the number of steps during checkout make that list?