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Solutions Engineer (Sales Engineer)

Your Role at Bolt

Solutions Engineers at Bolt are at the nexus of opportunity and execution, both for our customers and for Bolt.
We are looking for motivated individuals with customer facing experience and an insatiable curiosity for technology. In concert with Sales and Customer Experience, Solutions Engineers play a critical role in deciphering complex application architectures and, when possible, devising creative yet practical solutions. While Bolt’s Solutions Engineers are primarily pre-sales focused, they act as a customer’s trusted advisor throughout the sales process into Launch. This allows Solutions Engineers at Bolt to optimize our pre-sales and post-sales efforts into one cohesive customer experience.

Come join the fast growing Solutions Engineering team at Bolt! Your work will have a vital impact on the success of our customers and our company. And you’ll love doing it with us along the way.

What you'll be doing

  • Be a subject matter expert on Bolt’s checkout experience and evangelize Bolt’s value and features to potential customers
  • Own the discovery and qualification of Bolt’s technical compatibility with prospects and provide consultative guidance on technical deal strategy
  • Strategically partner with Account Executive teams to identify customer business goals, needs, and pains
  • Collaborate closely with Bolt’s Implementation team to ensure Proof of Concepts and Onboardings are successful
  • Monitor industry news on technology products, partners, and competitors to maintain a deep ecosystem expertise
  • Seek ways to optimize the technical sales process and build efficiency across Sales and Customer Experience teams
  • Act as the voice of the customer by translating, aggregating, and representing customer feedback to the Product and Engineering teams
  • Provide technical responses to RFPs, RFIs, and Security Questionnaires

What would set you up for success

  • Relevant professional experience. 3+ years of relevant Solutions Engineering (Sales Engineering) experience required.
  • Documented programming experience. This can be frontend or backend programming languages.
  • Excellent communication skills. You can relate complicated concepts to non-technical people, while maintaining the ability to speak credibly to highly technical people. You hear customer pains and excel at root-cause analysis in real time.
  • Solution sales driven. You are motivated by devising solutions to complex set of customer requirements that lead to winning the deal.
  • Polished presenter. You are comfortable leading presentations and demos to large groups, both technical and non-technical.
  • Understand business value. You tie business problems to Bolt’s technical solutions and understand technology value propositions.
  • Fast learner. You have a proven capacity to quickly absorb new concepts and technologies.
  • Thrive under pressure. You perform well under uncertain, high pressure, and high impact conditions.

What would set you apart

  • Relevant domain experience in payments, fintech, fraud/risk, or ecommerce platforms
  • Experience with Javascript is preferred and in both is a differentiator
  • Experience building or running an ecommerce business

Our Values

Be 20% Wrong

As a startup, speed is extremely important. The quicker we move, the more mistakes we make. If we are making no mistakes, it means, quite simply, that we’re not moving fast enough. Therefore, a 20% error rate is, not only permissible, but expected. If you’re not wrong 20% of the time, you’re not moving fast or ambitious enough.

All or Nothing

All or Nothing is the guiding philosophy for our decisions. Starting with why we work at Bolt, it is, quite simply, because we’re obsessed. We’re not here to advance our professional careers or for a financial outcome. We’re here because we’re obsessed with changing the world and becoming the best versions of ourselves. And we trust that, to the degree to which we do what we are obsessed with, everything else in life will fall into place. Similarly, we make only “All or Nothing” decisions about others we bring onto the team and product features we build.

Chase 10X, Not 10%

The only way a startup with 10s of people can outcompete corporations with 1000s is by leveraging its force multipliers of nimbleness, talent, and creativity. Large corporations focus on 10% optimizations to generate millions in revenue. They cannot evoke major changes without years of preparation. As a startup, we don’t have that luxury… it also does not make economic sense to optimize something that’s very small. There are always more incremental features to build. There are always more incremental people to hire. But, from product to people, we must consistently chase 10X opportunities and force multipliers.

Writing Over Talking

At Bolt, we recognize that talking drives emotions, ego, and politics. Writing enables clarity of thought and analysis. We strive to create a culture where decisions are driven by data, not by social influence. To facilitate this, we approach problems with preparation, writing out issues and proposals in depth.

Extreme Ownership

A business thrives when everyone on a team takes full responsibility for their outcomes. When things go wrong, individuals don't blame other teams or individuals- they accept responsibility and take initiative to fix problems without being asked. At Bolt, extreme ownership isn't just for leaders; it's for everyone.

Win as a Team

At Bolt, we want everyone to be as successful in their pursuits as possible. We know that our peers’ successes are tied to ours. And their triumphs, whether personal, professional, or otherwise, will benefit the company and us as individuals in the long-term.


  • Work with a world-class team
  • Significant equity at a fast-growing company
  • Ownership and autonomy over substantial projects
  • Generous medical, dental and vision benefits for you and your family
  • Parental leave
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a fully stocked kitchen
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Parking and transit benefits, including safe and last mile rides
  • 401(k)
  • Relocation support
  • An office filled with energy and optimism