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VP of People

Your Role at Bolt

Ecommerce infrastructure on the internet is fragmented and broken. Bolt is a world-class buying experience available for all online businesses. We're building a future where retailers can eliminate the massive operational overhead and technical debt associated with online checkout and payments, and where customers can buy instantly and securely across the internet. To solve such a large problem, we've put together an incredible team and are selectively adding to it.

Bolt's people are its most valuable resource, and as the Director of People Ops, you'll work closely with the executive team to develop a world class culture and candidate experience. You'll design and build processes for a rapidly expanding company, ensuring every employee has an excellent experience. You'll design and build processes for a rapidly expanding company, helping to ensure our benefits, employee experience, and learning & development opportunities are best in class.

What Success Looks Like

Success will be determined on how quickly the Director Of People Ops can ramp up from new employee to trusted advisor and decision maker. This role will be rapidly changing and the ability to handle ambiguity and shift priorities quickly will be a must.

Success will also be determined by your ability to:

- Build out world class benefits
- Manage multiple sites
- Anticipate the needs and roadblocks of your teams and the corporation
- Build processes for today and for the future
- Find creative and nimble solutions to problems


Reports To:

Reports: Long term
- Director of People Ops
- Head of Talent


  • Managed large teams
  • Enterprise company exposure
  • Strong EQ
  • Expert at developing career paths
  • Experience creating and conducting efficient and effective trainings
  • Ability to improve executive effectiveness

Nice to Haves

  • MBA
  • College Degree in HR, Business, Organizational Development or Education (Other degrees considered with experience)
  • Startup experience
  • Hyper-growth experience
  • Enterprise experience

Our Values

Be 20% Wrong

As a startup, speed is extremely important. The quicker we move, the more mistakes we make. If we are making no mistakes, it means, quite simply, that we’re not moving fast enough. Therefore, a 20% error rate is, not only permissible, but expected. If you’re not wrong 20% of the time, you’re not moving fast or ambitious enough.

Be Fearless

Fear is the primary motivator of human action. It drives people to cherish safety and complacency, coupled with an aversion to risk and change. However, it’s risk and change that advances the human race. Extreme risk and change is required to disrupt the digital commerce space as we know it. The outside world can’t possibly have the same knowledge that we have within our company walls. While we’re being called crazy, we must be fearless and driven by our internal conviction.

Chase 10X, Not 10%

The only way a startup with 10s of people can outcompete corporations with 1000s is by leveraging its force multipliers of nimbleness, talent, and creativity. Large corporations focus on 10% optimizations to generate millions in revenue. They cannot evoke major changes without years of preparation. As a startup, we don’t have that luxury… it also does not make economic sense to optimize something that’s very small. There are always more incremental features to build. There are always more incremental people to hire. But, from product to people, we must consistently chase 10X opportunities and force multipliers.

All or Nothing

All or Nothing is the guiding philosophy for our decisions. Starting with why we work at Bolt, it is, quite simply, because we’re obsessed. We’re not here to advance our professional careers or for a financial outcome. We’re here because we’re obsessed with changing the world and becoming the best versions of ourselves. And we trust that, to the degree to which we do what we are obsessed with, everything else in life will fall into place. Similarly, we make only “All or Nothing” decisions about others we bring onto the team and product features we build.

Keep it Simple

Complexity worship has drowned the modern world. Simple solutions are harder to come to, and, rather than be dismissed as “too simplistic”, should be hailed as a result of clear thinking. Simplicity enables speed, reduces cost, and allows for faster learning.

Win as a Team

At Bolt, we want everyone to be as successful in their pursuits as possible. We know that our peers’ successes are tied to ours. And their triumphs, whether personal, professional, or otherwise, will benefit the company and us as individuals in the long-term.


  • Work with a world-class team
  • Significant equity at a fast-growing company
  • Ownership and autonomy over substantial projects
  • Health benefits for you and your family
  • Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner, and SNACKS
  • Relocation support
  • An office filled with energy and optimism