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Take back control of your store with Bolt CheckoutOS, the checkout partner that scales with you. Switch from Shopify for a flexible commerce solution and get up to $2M in incentives and marketing funds.

Switch to Bolt

Grow faster with Bolt.

Scales with your business

Own your data, checkout experience, and customer relationships.

Fits your needs

Choose payment and shipping solutions that are right for you, and keep your whole shopping experience on-brand.

Simple win-win pricing

Get transparent pricing without having to worry about factoring in the cost of third-party apps.

Switch to Bolt and get up to $2 million* in marketing funds and incentives.

Switch to a Bolt Partner

Up to $2M

Power checkout with Bolt CheckoutOS and get up to $2M in incentives.

Use Bolt as a Custom App on Shopify

Up to $1.5M

Use Bolt on Shopify to get up to $1.5 million in incentives.

In our first month with Bolt our store nearly tripled our Ecommerce sales numbers. I now can focus on the business, not thinking about abandonment.

Reviewed on BigCommerce by Doulgas A.

Don’t put limits on growth—get a partner that can scale with you.

Grow your business the way you want

Use a platform that won’t trap your growth in a single, closed ecosystem. Bolt lets you customize to fit the needs of your growing business. With 200+ integrations that can be turned on in minutes, Bolt gives you the tools you need, whenever you need them.

Build stronger relationships with your customers.

Bolt gives you a branded, customized checkout tailored to your needs—and then we get out of the way so you can create that personal relationship with your customers. You’ll control the entire shopping experience from front to back, and the data you get from shoppers.

Get world-class fraud coverage.

Fraud can’t be separated from checkout. We’re so confident in our bank-level encryption and fraud detection that Bolt offers a 100% fraud chargeback guarantee.

Get the Bolt advantage.

Bolt partners with the best platforms in ecommerce to bring you world-class checkout experiences and fraud prevention.

*Current Shopify merchants in the U.S. that enable Bolt’s custom app may be eligible for up to $1.5M in co-marketing funds and incentives. Shopify merchants that agree to switch from Shopify to a Bolt platform partner (e.g., Salesforce or BigCommerce) may be eligible for up to $2M in co-marketing funds and incentives. Minimum GMV thresholds are required, and funding based on GMV. Not all Shopify merchants will qualify and terms and conditions apply.


Closed ecosystem only available to shoppers in-network

Non-branded standard checkout experience

Limited reporting and analytics capabilities

Limited implementation, complex pricing

Cross platform network access to all shoppers

Merchant branded checkout experience

Analytics on network performance, shopper analytics

Flexible implementation, simple pricing

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