Convert more customers with Bolt One-Click checkout

Level the playing against your toughest competitors in e-commerce by upgrading your checkout to Bolt One-Click - the checkout that eliminates unnecessary cart abandonment, optimises your conversion rate and boosts customers loyalty.

Works with the payment methods your customers want

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The checkout that stops cart abandonment and maximises conversions

You’ve worked so hard to bring shoppers to your store but most consumers get stuck at the checkout. Bolt One-Click checkout is shown to reduce cart abandonment by 60%. Bolt checkout offers a unique one-click experience that increases conversions from recurring customers by more than 50% compared to a regular guest checkout.

Never worry about fraud again

Fraud prevention should fuel your growth, not impede it. Bolt One-Click Checkout uses the most advanced fraud-prevention models to prevent chargebacks and losses from fraudulent orders. We’re so confident in our fraud prevention approach that we offer our merchants a 100% fraud chargeback guarantee, while being able to approve over 99% of orders.

Near-instant ROI with fast time to market

Say goodbye to difficult implementations. Bolt One-Click Checkout seamlessly sits atop your existing tech stack allowing you to continue using your e-commerce platform and payment processing agreement, allowing you to start reaping the benefits of a superior checkout experience in no time.

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