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Shopper-centric features to help retain and grow your customer base.

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Increase lifetime value with frictionless account creation and integrated post-purchase experiences to convert one time shoppers into repeat customers.


Sales are up big time with Bolt. But I think the biggest thing for us other than the massive increase in conversion rate is confidence.”


Jay Tannenbaum

CEO, Headlights Depot

Promote your brand across every stage of the checkout process

Shoppers crave an authentic brand experience – in fact, a great brand experience keeps them loyal and engaged. According to research by leading checkout usability firm, Baymard Institute, a disjointed checkout experience that is different from the rest of your website may cause shoppers to feel less secure. Branding your checkout is one way to inspire greater trust in shoppers and boost your checkout completion rate.

We offer a suite of options with our checkout modal so you can customize the look and feel of your checkout to best represent your brand.

Provide brand consistency by:

  1. Branding your checkout with your logo
  2. Updating fonts and colors
  3. Changing the pre-filled verbiage

Recover lost sales

Bolt powers shopping cart recovery by allowing businesses to send abandoned cart emails to shoppers who have added items to their shopping cart but didn’t buy. To promote the best checkout experience possible, we utilize smart logic to only notify shoppers 4 hours after abandonment and avoid emailing shoppers who attempted payment but encountered card declines or succeeded with another payment method.


Turn one-time shoppers into repeat customers

We make it easy for shoppers to save their information, so the next time they shop with you, all it takes is one click. Over 60% of Bolt shoppers choose to save their information for future purchases, and those who come back spend up to 3x more.


Features to up-level the entire purchase experience: