Bolt raises $393M to fuel commerce’s first federated checkout network.

We’re excited to announce that Bolt has raised $393M in new funding at 18 times our valuation 18 months ago.

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Bolt SSO Commerce

Redefining the Login Layer for Commerce

SSO Commerce, an industry-changing functionality that redefines customer logins, unites your store accounts with Bolt accounts. That means retailers acquire more customer accounts and shoppers have a single, unified account experience instead of a lengthy registration process.

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How it works

No more lengthy account registrations

Lengthy account registration forms often turn shoppers away entirely and force them to check out with the “simpler” option: as a guest. Bolt’s one-click account registration replaces this cumbersome process so you can grow your account base.

Replace usernames and passwords with OTP

From the “My Account” button on your site’s home page to “Add to Wishlist,” Bolt hosts all login locations across your site. We replace username and password combinations (which are easily compromised) with one-time passwords (OTP) so shoppers can securely log into your site.

Shoppers keep their existing account benefits

Loyalty programs, order history, and wish lists are important to your shoppers. SSO Commerce ensures that your shoppers still have access to all the existing benefits they already enjoy with your store accounts.

Autonomous account creation

As a shopper checks out and saves their information, we create a store account on your behalf with no additional work needed from your team. Bolt always prioritizes your brand and ensures accounts are seamlessly created—all while serving as a unified account experience to your customers.

Linked accounts

For your existing customers that have already created store accounts, we upgrade these accounts to Bolt accounts (and vice versa) the next time a customer logs in. It’s the same login experience for your shoppers and they retain access to every benefit they already enjoy with your store account.

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Benefits for Merchants

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    Increased account registration

    Drive higher account registrations and benefit from Bolt’s 60% post-adoption registration rate.

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    Higher account conversion

    Shoppers with Bolt accounts convert at a 75% higher rate than guest checkout shoppers.

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    Increased account protection

    Provide customers more secure logins using passwordless OTP and account takeover protection (ATO).

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    Benefit from a multi-retailer network

    Bolt account shoppers who have never shopped on your site will have access to a one-click checkout.

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    Offload PCI compliance checkout responsibility

    By saving shipping and payment information within Bolt, ensure that all PII is tokenized and securely stored.

Benefits for Shoppers

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    Saved address and payment information

    Offer customers a way to save payment information and complete purchases with a one-click checkout.

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    Passwordless login

    Let shoppers use a secure, OTP without needing to remember usernames or passwords.

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    Faster checkout across retailers

    Give shoppers the ability to complete a one-click, logged-in checkout experience across all retailers in the Bolt network.

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    Centralized security & account protection

    Store payment in a single location as opposed to over multiple store accounts across the internet.

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    Easy access to order tracking and reordering

    Allow shoppers to reorder or buy new products throughout Bolt’s Order Tracking using saved Bolt account information.

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