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The Value of Personalization in Checkout

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The Value of Personalization in Checkout

Websites operate as a leaky bucket, so to speak. Many retailers focus on getting a lot of traffic to their site, but only a very small percentage of this traffic ends up converting. The majority of visitors unfortunately leave without making a purchase. Successful retailers understand that getting shoppers to visit their site is only half the battle, and that unless they patch their leaky bucket issue, they’ll continue to struggle to capture shoppers.

That’s why personalization is such an important tool for conversion-focused retailers. The ability to keepshoppers highly engaged with your offerings and speak to them in a way that resonates will heavily influence whether you successfully capture a sale or not.

And there’s evidence to support this claim. According to research by Google, 85% of online shoppers are more likely to shop from brands that offer highly personalized discounts and exclusive offers. What’s more, 74% of online consumers get frustrated when content (e.g. offers, ads, promotions, etc.) has nothing to do with their interests.

As competition for consumer attention grows exponentially, online retailers must focus on delivering personalized shopping experiences to stand out from the crowd and ultimately drive more sales online. To help you succeed, we’re outlining 7 personalization strategies you can use.

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