Avoiding The Hidden Margin Killer — Ecommerce Fraud

Join us on October 13th, 2020 for a series of virtual discussions between seasoned ecommerce retail leaders. Hear from industry experts about how to manage ecommerce fraud and capture more revenue.

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9:00 - 9:45am PT

The Impact of Fraud Schemes on Your Revenue & The Strategies to Stop Them

To frame the conversations in this series, we will cover the different types of ecommerce fraud, including returns, account takeover, loyalty programs, and other methods beyond transaction fraud. Panelists will then discuss the impact fraud has on revenue and how retailers can combat fraud on their ecommerce platform.

Aaron Schwartz (Moderator)
Advisor, Consultant and Investor (primarily in commerce infrastructure / brands)

Aaron Schwartz previously co-founded three companies including Passport Shipping (international shipping for eCommerce brands) and Modify Watches (an early DNVB which he sold to CustomInk). He's from Cleveland and lives in the Bay Area with his wife and two A++ daughters.

Cathy Liu (Transactional/Friendly Fraud)
Head of Fraud Protection, Bolt

Cathy is the Head of Fraud Protection at Bolt, driving product strategy, operations, and GTM for the Bolt Approve offering. Previously, she worked in technology private equity at Silver Lake, where she was first introduced to ecommerce fraud via online gift card sales while working on the Blackhawk transaction. She also spent time at the Boston Consulting Group in San Francisco serving financial services clients.

Bob McAlear (Emerging Fraud)
General Manager — North America, Ravelin Technologies

Bob McAlear is GM North America for Ravelin Technologies where he oversees sales and partnerships.   Ravelin provides technology and support to help online businesses prevent evolving fraud threats and accept payments with confidence. Combining machine-learning and graph network visualisation, Ravelin helps businesses draw deeper insights from their customer data to detect fraud, account takeover and promotion abuse and increase payment acceptance.  Bob's has extensive background in payments and fraud technology to help clients work through and solve complex challenges.  

Alex Yancher (International Fraud)
Co-founder & CEO, Passport Shipping

Alex Yancher is the co-founder and CEO of Passport Shipping, a modern-day international shipping company that ships for top direct to consumer brands such as Native (P&G), Thinx and Bombas. Formerly, he was the co-founder and COO of Lynks, a YC backed international personal shopping service that is now the largest importer of ecommerce parcels into the Middle East. Before beginning his entrepreneurial journey, Alex worked at Facebook and Morgan Stanley. 

Will Leonard (Returns Fraud)
Director of Customer Success, Returnly

Will is Director of Customer Success of Returnly, which is the leading provider of digital return experiences for direct-to-consumer brands. Will has helped some of the world’s most admired digital brands like Everlane, Thirdlove and Outdoor Voices build and optimize their online return experience. Prior to Returnly, Will co-founded the e-commerce footwear brand, Blu Kicks.

10:00 - 10:45am PT

5 Essentials for Any Comprehensive Fraud Program

Despite fraud management systems using more behavioral signals to detect and identify fraud, merchants still experience lower defined rates with fraud. We cover the forefront of measuring behavioral signals of fraud to help you more effectively manage fraud on your ecommerce platform. Leave knowing the 5 essentials that any comprehensive fraud program should have and actionable strategies to solve these issues.

Chelsea Ortiz
Product Marketing, Bolt

Chelsea leverages her experience as a Lead Product Specialist at Naehas and Associate Product Marketing Manager at Feedzai to get more eyes on Bolt’s Checkout Experience Platform. She brings our product to life and shares our passion for perfecting ecommerce checkout and empowering retailers to succeed.

Nick Evans
Sales Manager, Bolt

Nick has helped build, develop and manage the Sales team at Bolt for the past two years. Prior to Bolt he managed and operated a sales team in both Yelp’s Eat24 division as well as Yelp’s Advertising division.

10:45 - 11:30am PT

Seasonal Fraud — Bad Guys Don’t (always) Come Out During The Holidays [Live Q&A]

Ecommerce fraud is a complex problem that is constantly evolving — and retailers need to keep up! Seasons and holidays drive unique shopping patterns, which also draws the eye of malicious actors looking to commit ecommerce fraud. We analyze the true risk of seasonal fraud and how to combat this on your ecommerce platform, protecting yourself and your customers.

Pete Klederas
Founder & CEO at Paylitix, Inc

Previously the Chief Risk Officer at CashStar and Head of Risk at Bolt, Pete has over 12 years of experience understanding payment fraud and the associated risks. As a current Advisor at Bolt and Founder & CEO of Paylitix — a customer behavior analysis tool — he has unique insight into the problems ecommerce retailers face, as well as proposed solutions.

Cathy Liu
Head of Fraud Protection, Bolt

Cathy is the Head of Fraud Protection at Bolt, driving product strategy, operations, and GTM for the Bolt Approve offering. Previously, she worked in technology private equity at Silver Lake, where she was first introduced to ecommerce fraud via online gift card sales while working on the Blackhawk transaction. She also spent time at the Boston Consulting Group in San Francisco serving financial services clients.

11:30am - 12:15pm PT

How to Market and Sell High Risk Products Online Successfully

Selling online in high risk verticals, including adult, vape, and CBD poses legal and marketing challenges other ecommerce sellers don't need to consider. From industry-specific regulations that can vary state by state, to a higher risk of fraudulent charges, these sellers need to be prepared for additional nuance most ecommerce merchants don't need to consider. BigCommerce customer CBDistillery has grown through those challenges to be one of the largest global sellers of CBD products online. In this panel session with BigCommerce, CBDistillery, and Silk Software, the agency who built their site, you'll hear more about the brand's mission to bring quality CBD to the market at an affordable price, the strategies that have helped them succeed, and tips and best practices for ensuring your high risk business is legally compliant and protected from fraud.

Evan Smith
Product Marketing Manager, BigCommerce

Evan Smith is a 13 year ecommerce veteran who has held a variety of sales and marketing positions. Today, Evan is a Product Marketing Manager at BigCommerce. He is responsible for several business units and leads strategy and Go-To Market execution across his respective strategic focus areas. One of Evan’s focus areas is the BigCommerce CBD Program where he is both helping solve the unique needs of merchants in the Hemp & CBD space and responsible for helping to scale the program globally.

Chris Van Dusen
Chief Growth Officer, Balanced Health Botanicals

Chris Van Dusen currently serves as the Chief Growth Officer of Balanced Health Botanicals (BHB) focusing on leading integrated marketing, corporate strategy, and sales leadership teams with a clear objective to meet revenue goals. Formerly the Chief Marketing Officer of BHB, Chris’s ability to provide direction on strategic initiatives, marketing, products, and sales that drive long-term growth, led him into his current role as CGO. Prior to his work at BHB, Chris served as CEO of the marketing agency Parcon and is a partner in an Orange County liquor distillery.With 10+ years of experience, Chris is an expert in navigating the challenges of an industry with many roadblocks and unique challenges. Chris’ implemented strategies have supported company growth, which reflects $36.2mm in e-commerce sales, and $57.5mm overall in 2019.

Alec Berkley
Director of Business Development, SILK Software

Alec Berkley has worked closely with the BigCommerce platform for over five years and currently heads up the BigCommerce Solutions Team for Elite BigCommerce Agency Silk Software. As an entrepreneur himself, Alec is passionate about supporting eCommerce merchants across all industries and verticals with powerful digital commerce solutions

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