Firing Up 3x Conversion Lift at All Things Barbecue

November 1, 2021

The Bolt Team

All Things Barbecue started with friends and family coming together to enjoy great company and delicious food. Soon enough, word spread, and this simple tradition grew into a retail store in Wichita, Kansas that offered the best equipment for outdoor cooking. Now, the company is online, and even those not living in America’s heartland can buy the grills, sauces, rubs, and accessories they need to make their own mouth-watering Barbecue.

From Zero Fraud Protection to 100% Coverage

As All Things Barbecue’s online business increased, so did the problems associated with operating a growing ecommerce site.

Philip Hamilton, who leads operations at All Things Barbecue, said that before his company got in touch with Bolt, they were manually reviewing orders they suspected to be high risk for fraud. This was no small matter for Phil, who was held responsible for fraudulent orders. Phil reported spending roughly 3 hours a week reviewing orders that ranged between $3,000 and $5,000. All Things Barbecue had zero coverage for suspect activity, and some fraudulent orders inevitably slipped through.

After implementing Bolt, manual review is no longer a strain on All Things Barbecue. Bolt’s precision fraud engine and human review team monitor All Things Barbecue’s orders, which means Phil’s team is no longer tied down by manual review. With costly chargebacks eliminated by Bolt’s 100% fraud coverage, All Things Barbecue is also no longer liable for risk, freeing up Phil to focus on other business needs.

Switching to Bolt didn’t only mean eliminating the cost of fraud. It also meant that fraud was suddenly an opportunity for topline growth:

A 60% Lift In Approved Orders

Declining orders was also costing All Things Barbecue valuable business. The company’s previous system rejected 40 to 50 orders a week. These losses were irreversible, since the company had no reliable way of looking back through the orders to approve good customers.

Bolt brought the number of rejected orders down to roughly once per month. As a result, All Things Barbecue has seen a 60% increase in their order approval rate.

Since the average order at All Things Barbecue exceeds $300, this increase resulted in a massive lift in sales. In just under a year working with Bolt, All Things Barbecue has reported 6-digit increases in their month-over-month revenues. “A substantial amount of that revenue is because of Bolt,” Phil added.

Capitalizing on YouTube Traffic: A 190% Increase In Checkout Conversion

All Things Barbecue runs a popular cooking channel on YouTube that boasts a whopping 220,000 subscribers. “The Sauce” features tasty recipes that highlight the company’s range of premiere Barbecue tools, including Yoder Smokers, a line of professional grade smokers handcrafted right in Kansas.

Phil says he can literally watch the spike in traffic to the site each time “The Sauce” debuts a new video. That did not always translate to corresponding sales, however.

Previously, the All Things Barbecue site had a checkout conversion rate of under 20%. After switching to Bolt’s fast checkout, All Things Barbecue’s checkout completion rate nearly tripled. Now, over half of All Things Barbecue’s customers complete checkout — a 190% lift.

See What’s Cooking at All Things Barbecue

Bolt is thrilled to partner with All Things Barbecue and help them share the all-American tradition of BBQ with more and more customers. You can learn more about All Things Barbecue and stock up for your next backyard cook off here!

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