Ecommerce Workshop — Planning for a Successful 2021

Join us from Dec. 8-10, 2020, for a 30-minute session with a technology or ecommerce expert. Unlike previous ThinkShop sessions, this time around you'll be sent a survey about your goals, pain points, upcoming projects, and area of interest — then we'll pair you with the right expert for your business.

P.S. If you already know which one of our experts you’d like to meet with, let us know and we'll reserve your spot.

Schedule of Events

Make the most of your 2021 initiatives with our ecommerce workshop! Courtesy of ThinkShop, we are hosting intimate 1:1 sessions between retailers and subject matter experts from agencies powering top brands like British Airways, Patagonia, AKIRA, Brooklinen, and Rebecca Minkoff.

Each of our subject matter experts will complete a preliminary audit of your site, and lead a 30-minute call to: provide guidance on where to focus your efforts, answer your questions, and walk you through the potential approaches for solving any problems that you are facing.

Attendees can expect to come away with personalized recommendations and tips on supercharging their digital strategy, crafting the perfect email marketing campaign, stopping fraudsters in their tracks, and more.

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Crafting the Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

Book a session with a SME from dotdigital to learn how you can craft the perfect email marketing experience. From subscription reminders and automated drips (like the standard welcome and abandoned cart message) to order confirmation and tracking notification, Jonny will share the key tips, tricks, and best practices behind high-impact emails.

Jonny Dixon
Head of Partnerships (Americas), dotdigital

For over nine years, Jonny Dixon has worked as an Account Manager, Email Strategist, Partner Manager and Digital Marketing evangelist for dotdigital. His passion is in technology implementation, digital marketing and knowing how things are connected. Jonny has played a key role in partnerships and development within the ecommerce community and now leads Partnerships team in Americas.


Reward and Loyalty Programs

Yotpo, the leading eCommerce marketing platform, helps thousands of forward-thinking brands like Patagonia, Rebecca Minkoff, Gymshark, MVMT, Tweezerman, and Bob’s Discount Furniture accelerate direct-to-consumer growth. This is a unique opportunity to meet with Loyalty and Referrals expert Katie McKeever to strategize and build a powerful program for your brand to thrive in 2021.

Katie McKeever
Product Marketing Manager - Loyalty & Referrals, Yotpo

Katie currently leads all product marketing activities for Yotpo's Loyalty and Referrals solution. Prior to Product Marketing - Katie spent 3.5 years as an Enterprise Customer Success Manager at Yotpo, working closely with leading brands in the space like UNTUCKit, Steve Madden, and Rebecca Minkoff to consistently deliver ROI and add value to their businesses by leveraging Yotpo's suite of solutions.


Profitably Driving Digital Traffic & Revenue 

The goal of any seasoned marketer is to profitably drive traffic across the major digital channels (paid/email/referral/SEO). The SME team from Tadpull will help you craft a winning digital-first strategy in their comprehensive session. Tune in if you're interested in learning more about eCommerce AI and automation, leveraging Google Analytics and first-party data to interpret shopper behavior, data-driven decisioning, and competitive benchmarking.

Mary Makris
Digital Marketing & Product Manager, Tadpull

Mary Makris is a Digital Marketing & Product Manager at Tadpull, where she specializes in scaling eCommerce businesses using the power of data science and AI. With an MBA and MS in Business Analytics, Mary is focused on driving exceptional online performance and helping clients lower acquisition costs and predict their best customers. Mary is also an expert across paid media platforms including Google Ads, Bing, & Facebook. 

Elliot Marcille
Vice President of Sales, Tadpull

Elliot Marcille is Tadpull’s Vice President of Sales, helping middle-market companies leverage their ecommerce and ERP data to increase site traffic and boost conversation rates. Prior to Tadpull, Elliot held several positions in sales and marketing at Oracle+NetSuite for 5 years. Elliot earned an MBA at Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management and in his free time loves earning his turns hiking to snowboard in Montana’s backcountry.


Stopping Fraudsters in Their Tracks

Despite fraud management systems using more behavioral signals to detect and identify fraud, retailers are still experiencing less than ideal rates. Sign up for a session with SME Cathy Liu to go through your fraud management stack in-depth, and uncover the key areas for improvement. She'll answer any of the questions that you have about fraud scoring, fraudulent chargebacks, and provide you with the tools necessary to minimize your risk.

Cathy Liu
Head of Fraud Protection, Bolt

Cathy is the Head of Fraud Protection at Bolt, driving product strategy, operations, and GTM for the Bolt Approve offering. Previously, she worked in technology private equity at Silver Lake, where she was first introduced to ecommerce fraud via online gift card sales while working on the Blackhawk transaction. She also spent time at the Boston Consulting Group in San Francisco serving financial services clients.


Delivering Best-in-class Purchase Experiences

Speed and ease of checkout are essential for today's shoppers. Book a session with checkout expert, Loren Kelly, for a deep dive into your purchase experience. Come away with tips, strategies, and best practices to optimize your online checkout, along with a personalized plan to help you drive repeat sales and increase customer loyalty.

Loren Kelly
Checkout Expert, Bolt

Loren has over a decade of payments experience including roles at Braintree and Worldpay. From local brick-and-mortar shops to the largest enterprise companies in the world, Loren has worked on nearly every use case in payments.


Web Hosting: Security, Performance, and Support

There are so many aspects to consider when selecting a web hosting solution — security, performance, and support are just a few. Register for a session with SME, Tom Puchalski, to understand the basic tradeoffs between providers, the key things that you should look for when narrowing your selection, and an objective opinion on the "right" web hosting solution to meet your business goals.

Tom Puchalski
eCommerce Hosting Solution Architect, JetRails

January will ring in 7 years that Tom has been on the front lines of eCommerce, helping JetRails clients identify the right solutions and partners to keep them on a strong growth trajectory. 


"All Things Magento"

Whether you're in the process of evaluating the Magento platform or scoping a migration project to Magento 2, you should book a session with Ben Chafetz. He can help prepare you to speak with an agency about these goals, answer any questions that you have about Magento, and discuss what to look for when evaluating proposals.

Ben Chafetz
CEO, 121eCommerce

Ben Chafetz is the CEO of 121eCommerce, a Magento-only shop and Adobe’s 2020 Emerging Partner of the Year for Magento Commerce. Coming from the client side, Ben has a unique perspective and what works and what doesn’t for eCommerce merchants. After growing an eCommerce business from $500,000 in yearly revenue to $80 million, Ben founded 121eCommerce in 2014. Since then, the company has grown from a fledgling group of five to a robust team of nearly 50 employees.   Ben has over two decades of eCommerce experience and has worked on Magento since its inception in 2007.

Re-Platforming, Redesigns, and Digital Marketing Strategy

If you're considering re-platforming or redesigning your site, or are just looking for an outside perspective on your digital marketing strategy, then you need to book a session with the SMEs from They'll perform a review of your site and provide tips to make sure that you get the most out of your re-platforming and site redesign. Finally, they'll provide feedback on your digital marketing strategy highlighting how we leverage multi-channel optimization to increase leads without increasing media spend and how we use our conversion tracking and lead attribution tracking as a competitive advantage.

Tony Stehn
Digital Marketing Sales,

Having worked in Digital Marketing and Digital Sales for over 15 years, Tony Stehn now sits as’s Director of Digital Marketing Sales. Before joining, Tony served as a Senior Vice President of Sales where he designed, built and lead the sales organization for the largest in-venue Social Display Network in the marketplace. Tony is passionate about bringing big ideas to life by creating clear goals, road maps, and processes that surpass expectations of high-growth companies.Throughout Tony’s time at he has been able to cultivate many multi-million-dollar partnerships from top enterprise brands across all verticals. He strives to stay connected and on top of each project to develop innovative and strategic customer solutions.

Wesley Evans
New Business Account Executive,

Wes Evans continues to be a champion for each and every one of his customers. Since joining in 2016 Wes has worked across a variety of customer industries including sports, associations, banking, and financial. He is well versed in a number of technology platforms such as WordPress and BigCommerce. He is also an expert in providing leadership and insight into each one of his customer’s projects.

Matt Villano
Business Development Specialist,

Matt Villano has spent the last three years at working on defining customer success across project teams. He makes sure to understand the day to day needs of each customer he works work to develop a meaningful and strategic approach. Matt is eager to meet and grow with new businesses interested in beginning their digital transformation with

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  • Q: How long after I fill out the survey will I be paired with an expert?

    You will receive a pairing and additional meeting information within two business days of signing up and filling out the survey.

  • Q: What if I want to sign up for a session with more than one subject-matter expert?

    No problem! Just reach out to and she will schedule an individual session with each of the experts you'd like to meet with.

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    Yes, after we pair you with a subject matter expert, we will coordinate schedules and send you a calendar invite for the time of your individual session.

  • Q: Is there a cost to meet with any of the subject matter experts?

    No, there is no cost to any of the ThinkShop sessions.

  • Q: What if I’m interested in being a subject matter expert?

    Subject-matter expert slots are available upon request. Please contact

  • Q: Who can I reach out to for other questions?

    Your point of contact for all questions about the ThinkShop Series is our program manager, Raana Radfar:


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The Retail Coalition (by Bolt), is a community of ecommerce leaders who care deeply about the customer experience and have a desire to change the future of online retail. The network of TRC members comes together on an ongoing basis to discuss the emerging trends in the industry, the actions they’re taking to capitalize on the opportunities and their perspectives on the latest research insights.

Bolt is on a mission to perfect the checkout experience for online retailers and make sure nothing gets in the way when shoppers decide to buy. Bolt's mobile-optimized checkout is coupled with a unique approach to fraud detection that approves more good orders. By converting more shoppers into customers, Bolt has become the proven choice of customer-obsessed retailers.