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  • What Bolt provides is game-changing for companies like Dita. Given the opportunity, why wouldn’t you provide a premium checkout experience and address painful fraud related issues, and solve for these pain points while making more money?”

    Cody Cho, Global VP Ecommerce


    Lift in checkout conversion


    Decrease in cart abandonment
  • Bolt came along, and really took the risk out of the equation. We’re not rejecting good orders any more, we are rejecting the bad ones, and it’s saving us a ton of time.”

    Sara Kim, Director of Ecommerce


    Fraud review costs per year saved


    Reduction in online checkout time
  • Sales are up big time with Bolt. But I think the biggest thing for us other than the massive increase in conversion rate is confidence.”

    Jay Tannenbaum, CEO


    Lift in checkout conversion


    ROI from switching to Bolt
  • It’s impossible to survive as a company - large or small - out there without the security of something like Bolt.

    Keith Bridges, Owner


    Lift in checkout conversion


    Increase in order approval rate
  • I don’t have to worry about fraudulent chargebacks anymore! It took so much of my time and was very time-sensitive.

    Nichole Baird, Chief Operating Officer


    Lift in checkout conversion


    ROI from switching to Bolt

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