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Stay protected against fraud while approving more good orders.

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By owning the checkout, we have a competitive advantage in fraud detection. Our models incorporate hundreds of real-time signals collected at the point of sale to strengthen how we decide which orders to approve. In fact, we're so confident in our fraud models, we guarantee 100% fraudulent chargeback indemnification on all orders processed through our platform.


Bolt came along, and really took the risk out of the equation. We’re not rejecting good orders any more, we are rejecting the bad ones, and it’s saving us a ton of time.”


Sarah Kim

Director of Ecommerce, Akira

Approve more orders

Get shoppers to the finish line faster. With each additional field in the checkout process, shoppers have a higher chance of dropping off and not completing their purchase. With Bolt, the checkout form has 8 fewer form fields on average, significantly decreasing the time to purchase and reducing the possibility of user error. Bolt’s integrated fraud detection means shoppers don’t need to input their billing address. First-time shoppers can complete their purchase as a guest, while returning shoppers can complete their purchase with a single click across the entire network of Bolt-powered sites.

Never worry about fraud

Bolt Approve comes with 100% coverage on fraudulent chargebacks. Never worry about the cost of fraud again. When you pair Bolt Approve with Collect our team of trained chargeback experts will represent any non-fraud chargebacks on your behalf at no additional cost.

Drive operational efficiency

Manually reviewing each order for fraud is cumbersome and costly. Get comprehensive order review in less time by outsourcing the fraud detection process to Bolt. This allows you to divert resources into other key areas of your business -- like optimizing the conversion rate on your site.

Prioritize the customer experience

Turning away customers because of false declines can have a serious effect on your bottom line. Our order review process is designed to not only detect payment card fraud and high-risk transactions, but also enhance the buyer experience by reducing customer dissatisfaction from false positives.

Features to up-level the entire purchase experience: