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See how Bolt is perfecting checkout for online retailers

How luxury sunglasses brand Dita increased conversion by 72% while providing a premium experience online

Founded in 1995, DITA reinvented luxury sunglasses by creating a product that transcended the conventions of the category and has grown to become a true leader in optical design and craft.

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After switching to Bolt, Dita experienced...

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Bolt has completely eliminated order review. We are able to push orders through without doing additional leg work.
Aug 2019
Reviewed on G2 by Julia D.
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The support at Bolt is second to none. They are EXTREMELY responsive, even after hours, and address any issues expeditiously.
Sep 2019
Reviewed on G2 by Debra S.
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Bolt offers a progressive, modern checkout solution that combines what would usually take separate services into a minimalist experience.
Oct 2019
Reviewed on G2 by Keith B.
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Bolt was a great solution for cutting down on manual fraud checking, which was eating up a ton of time for the support team.
Aug 2019
Reviewed on G2 by Andrew I.
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Bolt simplified the checkout process and removed friction for our customers. The checkout widget doubled our conversion rate.
Sept 2019
Reviewed on Capterra by Jon M.
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Bolt's fraud protection is efficient and amazing! Not only did we cut our manual work, we have gone from 2-3 chargebacks a month to 1 in the last 6 months!
Sept 2019
Reviewed on Capterra by Ashley B.
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We never realized how many good orders we were losing out on. It is great to be able to service quality customers with a pain-free checkout process.
Aug 2019
Reviewed on G2 by Lisa S.
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The cart load times are extremely fast which is good for mobile customers. Product installation was a breeze and their team is extremely friendly and responsive and are willing to work on ideas/topics that you bring their way.
Sept 2019
Reviewed on G2 by A. Biswas
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This is by far the best plugin a Woo user can install. Besides the peace of mind it provides on stopping fraudulent orders, it immediately increased our conversion rate by 40%.
March 2019
Review on Wordpress by Russell A.
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We run Bolt on 3 different websites (2 platforms) and I really can't say enough good things about it. Our customers love the speed and convenience of the front-facing interface, and we love the security of knowing our orders are legitimate without spending hours verifying that on our own.
July 2019
Reviewed on Magento by CCSmith
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In our first month with Bolt our store nearly tripled our eCommerce sales numbers. I now can focus on the business, not thinking about abandonment.
Sept 2019
Reviewed on BigCommerce by Douglas A.
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