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ANSgear has been a leader in the worldwide paintball community for over 20 years, and helped it grow into the sport it is today.
When ANSgear found Bolt, they were struggling with a variety of issues related to checkout design, disjointed customer flows,
and cart abandonment. Since switching to Bolt, ANSgear has seen their checkout completion rate on desktop and mobile
increase by over half, along with decreases in their cart abandonment rate.

Before Bolt

Chase Paymentech
fraud prevention
  • Managing separate relationships between payments, fraud and checkout
  • Using an outdated checkout page
  • Customer flow was disjointed
  • Customers bouncing from the checkout
  • 52% lift in checkout rate
  • 10% lift in ecommerce conversion rate
  • 17% lift in abandoned cart recovery rate
  • Significant drop of manual (phone) orders
  • Approved more international orders since moving to Bolt

tracked results

Lift in overall checkout completion
52% With Bolt
Lift in mobile checkout completion
49% With Bolt
Lift in conversion rate
10% With Bolt
Lift in abandoned cart recovery
17% With Bolt
Derek Dunbar
Director of Operations, ANSgear

“After years of struggling with our native unstable one-page-checkout we can now rest assured that when the customer has decided to click on the checkout button there will be no friction stopping them. We knew immediately that Bolt was working and making an impact on our bottom line.”

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