Flyin' Miata was established in 1983 as The Dealer Alternative, specializing in performance parts and servicing of Miatas.

Before Bolt

fraud prevention
  • 40 hours a week in manual fraud review
  • Rejecting some good customers
  • Lost team productivity
  • Outdated checkout flow
  • High friction payments experience
  • $0 in fraudulent chargebacks
  • 0 minutes spent on manual order review
  • 13.18% lift in order approval rate
  • 48.52% lift in checkout conversion rate
  • 9.59% increase in abandoned cart recovery rate
  • $250k+ in recovered revenue

tracked results

Lift in order approval rate
13.18% With Bolt
Lift in checkout conversion
48.52% With Bolt
New generated revenue
$250k+ With Bolt
Increase in abandoned cart recovery
9.59% With Bolt
Keith Tanner
Ecommerce Manager, Flyin Miata

“It's nice to see the order approval rates goes up, and it's nice to see the conversion and everything, but what you're not seeing is just basically customer satisfaction. We don't have metrics for it, but we know that its made a really big difference simply in the number of phone calls we have to take people who are frustrated, who cant order the way they want to.

We've overall had an extremely positive relationship with Bolt so far. It’s been smooth sailing. Anytime we've had any sort of bump or hiccup, Bolt has been right on top of it. It's been overwhelmingly positive.”

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