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Before Bolt




Adobe Commerce

fraud prevention

PayPal Order Filters

  • Rejecting all orders over >$100 with mismatched addresses
  • Hesitant about large ticket value orders
  • Admin team dedicated to manual order review
  • Customer complaints on checkout bugs
  • Complete fraud protection
  • Accepting up to 20% more large ticket item orders
  • 51% lift in checkout conversion
  • 8% lift in overall sitewide conversion
  • Reallocated team time spent on manual review

tracked results

ROI from switching to Bolt
44xWith Bolt
Lift in checkout conversion
51%With Bolt
Lift in sitewide conversion
8.3%With Bolt
Days to go-live
27With Bolt

Jay Tannenbaum


"Sales are up big time with Bolt. But I think the biggest thing for us other than the massive increase in conversion rate is confidence. We had a lack of confidence selling more expensive items before, and now we're like, "Bring it on.""