Heat Transfer Warehouse

How Heat Transfer Warehouse Increased its Monthly Orders by 71%

  • 99.72%Overall order approval rate
  • 59,259Bolt Accounts created (since site launch)
  • 51.1%of retail sales made from Bolt Account Shoppers in 2021
  • 113,574Bolt One Click transactions (since site launch)

Overall order approval rate

  • Checkout Platform: Custom Cart
  • Payments: Braintree
  • Fraud Prevention: Braintree
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How Heat Transfer Warehouse Increased its Monthly Orders by 71%

In 2010, when Kirk Anton was trying to figure out the next step in his career, his mentor suggested the idea of starting a company that would be an all-encompassing source for heat transfer products. That became the seed for Heat Transfer Warehouse. What started with one person and a dog has now grown into a 47-member team—and three dogs, across its four locations.

Just like any new business, Anton started simple—with some material in a warehouse, he called potential customers to build a clientele. A few months later, when he set up a website, he realized the potential of ecommerce.

“I went to bed and woke up the next morning. I had sold $1000 during the night. And that’s the point I knew that ecommerce was the future,” mentioned Kirk Anton, Owner at Heat Transfer Warehouse.

Currently, Heat Transfer Warehouse doesn’t have any storefronts, they operate solely from their ecommerce website.

Inefficiencies and Constraints

The company had its share of challenges with the ecommerce tech stack. For starters, its fraud detection process was cumbersome and faulty. They used Braintree as the payment processor and Braintree’s basic fraud blocking features as well. Unfortunately, they ended up with low order approval rates and their customer service team had to spend hours on manual reviews every day.

Also, their checkout process was clunky, leading to poor conversion rates. The company had an impressive 40% to 50% returning website visitor rate. But, the dismal checkout experience meant that they couldn’t tap into their loyal customer base and expand the business the way they wanted to.

Braintree’s payment processing had little flexibility and its reporting data was not useful when it came to testing new campaigns and learning where customers were engaging. Heat Transfer Warehouse wanted to partner with someone who would be more flexible and help address these challenges.

Anton found his company’s growth was being inhibited by the technology that was supposed to make his life easier. Kirk sought a better technology partner—one that could help him better realize the potential of his business.

Transition to Bolt: An End-to-end Ecommerce Solution

When Anton was evaluating the Bolt platform, his main objective was to solve the issues with fraud and checkout. However, he zeroed in on Bolt because it was an “all-in-one solution” that came with rich features and could integrate seamlessly with BigCommerce, Heat Transfer Warehouse’s ecommerce platform.

On a day-to-day level, the first immediate tangible impact for the company was the ability to communicate with the Bolt customer service team, who were willing to listen and incorporate any unique requirement that they had.

“Bolt’s flexibility was a big win, in comparison to the generic nature of the product they used prior to Bolt”.

Other benefits followed soon. Bolt’s fraud detection capabilities automated the process and eliminated the need for hours of manual reviews. With Bolt, we have reached a 99.8% order approval rate with minimal manual time spent. This, along with Bolt’s seamless CheckoutOS process, enabled Heat Transfer Warehouse to process their orders faster and cut out any inefficiencies. The result? From around 7,000 orders a month, the company has been able to scale to around 12,000 orders a month.

Tapping Into the Bolt Network

Onboarding the Bolt platform meant that Heat Transfer Warehouse could offer its customers the option of using Bolt accounts in addition to a guest checkout. When a customer creates a Bolt account, they can save their payment and personal details just once and continue to shop every time with a one-click checkout, not just on the Heat Transfer Warehouse website but on any site powered by Bolt.

For customers, this means speed and ease during checkout. And for the company, this gives access to a wider pool of customers that come along with the Bolt network. 56% of their current transactions are powered by Bolt’s one-click CheckoutOS and Product Page Checkout, customers have observed a 38% increase in checkout speed. This new and improved experience has also translated into a 122% higher conversion rate with Bolt accounts over guest checkout.

When the Customer Is Happy, Everyone Is

Heat Transfer Warehouse has always had a culture of constant growth and change.
There’s not a month that goes by when there aren’t new products, new lines, or new ideas, the company is always in growth mode.

“Bolt is an ideal partner for businesses with a growth mindset because they continually innovate with new features and services,” Anton noted.

While continuing to scale the business, a key success metric for Anton is customer experience. Bolt helps him tick these boxes by offering his customers a hassle-free and quick checkout process, the flexibility to use multiple payment options, and improved order approval rates through the Bolt platform.