Hoffmann Group USA

How Hoffmann Group USA successfully expanded to the U.S. with Bolt

  • 4,500 number of SKUs initially
  • 7,000 number of SKUs targeted
  • 3X3X revenue in 2021
  • 100+ year old parent company
<1 hour

To integrate Bolt One Click Checkout

Tech Stack:
  • Payment processor: Authorize.net
  • Shopping cart: BigCommerce
  • Checkout platform: BigCommerce
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How Hoffmann Group USA successfully expanded to the U.S. with Bolt

When leading industrial tooling and equipment manufacturer and ecommerce retailer Hoffmann Group set out to expand their business in the U.S., they knew a seamless checkout experience would be a key component to their success. Even though Hoffmann is a 100+-year-old, billion-dollar business based out of Germany with a presence in 18 countries, their U.S. operations were lean. The team had a small budget and consisted of a few dozen people, including a one-man Ecommerce team. 

By building a website uniquely crafted for the U.S. market, Hoffmann Group USA customers could have their orders fulfilled faster, which led to higher conversion. Craig Bates, Hoffmann Group USA’s ecommerce manager, was tasked with developing and executing a comprehensive strategy. He used BigCommerce to build their website on his own in just three months.

“Bolt offers the best return on investment, the best customer service, ease of use, and scalability.”

Small team, big ambitions

With no engineers on his team, Bates knew he wanted an out-of-the-box checkout solution that was also optimized for conversion. Bates was already using a well-known credit card processing company, but because of their “non-existent customer service and fraud controls,” he started researching industry leading one-click credit card processing partners. 

All roads led him to Bolt One-Click Checkout.

“The initial push for me was how much I disliked using other checkout options and then after seeing what Bolt has to offer, it was absolutely the best,” said Bates. “There’s no comparison, there’s Bolt and everyone else is lagging behind.”

When Hoffmann Group USA joined the Bolt Network in October of 2021 as a BigCommerce retailer, Bates was immediately impressed by how easy Bolt was to integrate into their current website. 

“The tech team walked me through how to do it and it was so easy. The service was amazing,” said Bates. “Comparing Bolt’s functionality, features and customer support to what we were using before, it was night and day.”

“The service was amazing. Comparing Bolt's functionality, features, and customer support to what we were using before, it was night and day.”

B2B Growth

Hoffmann Group USA continues to scale in the U.S., aiming to grow available HoffmannGroupUSA.com product SKUs from 4,500 to over 7,000 SKUs. It’s aiming to continue to grow revenue in this year and beyond, after tripling initial revenue goals in 2021. 

The company is also looking to take advantage of the Bolt network and its tens of millions of shoppers worldwide (and growing) to expand beyond B2C customers to also increase their B2B business.

“Bolt is the absolute best choice for a checkout solution,” said Bates. “Not only for small businesses but for businesses of all sizes who want to see rapid growth and accelerated customer experiences only available to them if they use Bolt. It’s the best solution because it offers the best customer service, the best return on investment, and ease of use and scalability.”