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Safford Equipment sells lawn mowers, tractors, utility trailers, and more nationwide.

Before Bolt

Heartland Payments
fraud prevention
Fraud Labs
  • High rate of fraud on new website
  • Rejecting 38% of incoming orders
  • Spending 10-12 hours per week on order review
  • Over 80% cart abandonment rate
  • 100% protection against fraud
  • Zero minutes spent on manual review
  • 55% lift in order approval rate
  • Checkout time cut in half
  • Nearly 2x conversion at checkout

tracked results

Lift in checkout completion
78% With Bolt
Lift in order approval rate
55% With Bolt
Hours per week saved on manual review
12 With Bolt
ROI from switching to Bolt
56x With Bolt
Keith Bridges
Founder and Owner

“We don't have many competitors, but for the ones we do have, there is no comparison between our checkout and theirs. Ours takes seconds, theirs takes minutes...”