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  • 97.2% Order approval rate
  • 0 Hours spent on manual fraud review
  • $0 Effective fraud loss rate
  • 100% Coverage of fraudulent chargebacks

Order approval rate

  • Checkout platform: BigCommerce
  • Payments: Braintree
  • Fraud prevention: Signifyd
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How Bolt replaced TYLER’S fraud solution and improved their checkout

Founded in 1978 in Tyler, Texas, TYLER’S initially started out as a local tennis and running store, selling running shoes and stringing racquets for local tennis clubs. Originally named Racquet & Jog, they kept their name in the flagship Tyler location while rebranding to TYLER’S when they opened a store in Austin, continuing their expansion throughout Texas. 

The move to BigCommerce

In 2014, it became clear to TYLER’S their ecommerce site needed an overhaul to keep up with the rise in customer demand. BigCommerce was instrumental in growing online sales, giving them a robust platform to address ecommerce issues as well as invaluable guidance, one of the best being the introduction of TYLER’S to Bolt. According to Justin Dermit, Director of eCommerce & Marketing, “Bolt was a product recommendation from our account manager and, to this day, has been one of the best decisions we’ve made to help solidify our online presence and provide a more streamlined customer experience.”

Bolt's been one of the best decisions we’ve made to help solidify our online presence and provide a more streamlined customer experience.

The Bolt difference

Prior to finding Bolt, TYLER’S used Signifyd as a fraud prevention tool. Even with the fraud solution in place, TYLER’S discovered countless fraudulent transactions being approved without their knowledge, even after some of the products had already shipped. “Based on the rate of chargebacks we were receiving, we quickly realized that Signifyd was not an optimal solution for long term growth.” As fraudulent activities were on the rise, Justin recalls “We reached a point that we knew our legitimate customers were being negatively affected.” In some cases, loyal customers were unable to successfully checkout. 

TYLER’S began looking at other vendors and, as Justin describes, “Bolt really stuck out as a key differentiator at the time.” Through his research, Justin and his team realized that many other companies solved only one piece of the puzzle, similar to their Signifyd solution. With Bolt, however, the concept of having checkout and fraud packaged together allowed the TYLER’S team to improve their customer experience with an enhanced checkout platform

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 12.45.21 PM

Keeping staff and customers happy

It was important to TYLER’S to find a solution that would not only streamline the workflow for their staff (who often spent several hours a day combing through manual reviews) but also reassure legitimate customers that the Bolt checkout was safe and secure. One of the key features for TYLER’S was how easy Bolt made it for customers to place orders; a smooth, fast mobile experience featuring a one-click checkout for returning shoppers to ensure a focus on what matters most: the customers. The improved checkout hasn’t gone unnoticed by TYLER’S customers as they regularly receive customer feedback regarding how much their simple checkout experience has improved. “All the touchpoints of having a fast, simple checkout and not having to sit there for hours on end looking at manual reviews…I think it has been an absolute game changer for,” says Justin.