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Bolt Series E announcement
Bolt raises $355M as it democratizes commerce globally with one-click checkout.

We're excited to announce that Bolt has raised $355M as it powers the next phase of growth expanding its one-click checkout across the US and EMEA while increasing its network of shoppers and retailers.

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A fast, one-click checkout that gets more shoppers past the ‘buy’ button

Bolt powers a checkout experience designed to convert shoppers. Shoppers expect a fast and seamless shopping experience. And yet, friction in the checkout still remains a top reason why shoppers don’t complete their purchase. With Bolt streamlining your checkout and improving your conversion rate, you’re free to focus on truly impactful things - like differentiating your brand or building an incredible customer experience to delight shoppers.

Three ways to use Bolt Identity Powered Checkout

It’s easy to get started with Bolt. See which option is right for you.

All-In-One Managed Checkout

Bolt CheckoutOS is a headless commerce platform that powers checkout, identity, accounts, payments, and post-purchase infrastructure.

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SMB One Click Checkout

Merchants of all sizes can enable Bolt One Click Checkout in minutes to get hassle-free checkout and access to 10s of millions of one-click ready shoppers from the Bolt Network.

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Bring Your Own Checkout UI

Implement Bolt any way you like through embeddable components or APIs–using only the pieces you need. Embed Bolt into your existing checkout to upgrade payments, shopper accounts, checkout and more.

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All the touchpoints of having a fast, simple checkout and not having to sit there for hours on end looking at manual reviews…I think it has been an absolute game-changer for


Justin Dermit

Director of Ecommerce & Marketing, Tyler's

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Convert first-time shoppers with a checkout designed to drive revenue

Don’t lose orders because of friction in the checkout. With faster load times and fewer clicks and redirects, Bolt’s checkout is faster and more seamless than the industry average and gets 50% higher conversions.


Make it simple for new shoppers to complete their first purchase with one click

Online stores ask new shoppers for the same personal data and payment information over and over again. Shoppers checking out with Bolt can breeze through checkout with one click—even on sites they’ve never shopped at before.


Secure, password-free login

With secure OTP login and payment tokenization, shoppers get the most secure checkout that eliminates the need to remember passwords and usernames.


Dynamically optimized for every shopper

Bolt’s checkout is optimized in real-time with signals across our network of retailers and shoppers, ensuring a checkout that accommodates for new shopper behaviors and trends.


Bolt is expanding globally

Now shoppers in international markets can checkout in one click in the language, currency, and payment methods they’re most familiar with.


Keep your brand (we just power the checkout)

With a suite of customization tools, you can design the checkout that matches the look and feel of your site so your shoppers get a consistent brand experience.

Features to up-level the entire purchase experience: