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Lightning-quick checkout to turn shoppers into paying customers.

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Today, shoppers expect a fast and seamless shopping experience. And yet, friction in the checkout still remains a top reason why shoppers don’t complete their purchase. With Bolt Convert streamlining your checkout and improving your conversion rate, you’re free to focus on truly impactful things - like differentiating your brand or building an incredible customer experience to delight shoppers.


What Bolt provides is game-changing for companies like Dita. Given the opportunity, why wouldn’t you provide a premium checkout experience and address painful fraud-related issues, and solve for these pain points while making more money?”


Cody Cho

Global VP Ecommerce, Dita

Truly frictionless checkout

Get shoppers to the finish line faster. With each additional field in the checkout process, shoppers have a higher chance of dropping off and not completing their purchase. With Bolt, the checkout form has 8 fewer form fields on average, significantly decreasing the time to purchase and reducing the possibility of user error. Bolt’s integrated fraud detection means shoppers don’t need to input their billing address. First-time shoppers can complete their purchase as a guest, while returning shoppers can complete their purchase with a single click across the entire network of Bolt-powered sites.


Convert more mobile shoppers

Today, mobile devices are at the center of many transactions - whether it's for on-the-go ease, discovery or price comparison. Shoppers want an easy and secure checkout experience that allows them to buy seamlessly from their desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Our checkout form was designed for mobile and sits on your product page offering a no-scroll, above-the-fold experience.


Boost completion rates

Fostering trust at checkout is critical for capturing more sales. Hosting checkout pages on third-party sites can cause your shoppers to lose confidence in your checkout process over fears of site stability and payment security. Our secure checkout sits in an iFrame that protects you from card sniffers and is optimized to load under 1 second.


Stay up-to-date with ongoing optimization and experimentation

Switching to Bolt gives you access to our team of engineers, designers, and data scientists that constantly test, iterate, and improve the buying experience on your site. We leverage data from A/B tests and our network of retail partners to deliver a checkout experience that’s tested and updated to meet the ever-changing needs of online shoppers.


Features to up-level the entire purchase experience: