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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're new to Bolt or looking to improve the checkout experience on your site, this guide will help you learn more about our platform and its features.

The Bolt Difference

Bolt One Click reduces the friction during checkout and makes it easier and faster for shoppers to complete a transaction – reducing the risk of cart abandonment.

Bolt enables shoppers to securely save their information during their first purchase within the Bolt Network. Once saved, a shopper never has to enter personal or payment information again. When a shopper returns to any merchant in our network, they can checkout without completing any forms or remembering any passwords, even if they have never purchased from that merchant before. Instead, a One-Time-Password (OTP) is sent to their phone or email to proceed with a secure checkout.

No. Bolt is not an additional APM or a checkout plugin. Bolt replaces your checkout with a lightweight modal to ensure the customer experience is seamless. Unlike plugins that redirect your customers away from your store to register and potentially abandon their cart, Bolt appears seamless to your shoppers.

With each additional field in the checkout process, shoppers have a higher chance of dropping off and not completing their purchase. With Bolt, the checkout form has 8 fewer fields on average, significantly decreasing the time to purchase and reducing the possibility of user error. Bolt’s integrated fraud detection means shoppers don’t need to input their billing address. Shoppers making a purchase at any Bolt merchant for the first time can complete their purchase as a guest and then create a Bolt Account at the end, while returning Bolt Account shoppers can complete their purchases with a single click.

Bolt is designed for mobile-first and offers near-instant load times that are 10x faster than the industry average. With Bolt, your shoppers can complete the checkout process 1.5-2x faster than the average native checkout.

The Bolt Network and Bolt One Click Checkout

The Bolt Network includes all retailers using Bolt checkout on their site, and all shoppers with a Bolt account. Together, the benefits of the Bolt Network are two-fold: It allows any retailer in the network to offer one click checkout to all shoppers with a Bolt account, first-time shoppers and returning customers alike. It also allows any shopper with a Bolt Account to benefit from one click checkout on any Bolt merchant’s site, regardless of whether or not the shopper has purchased from that merchant before. We call this the Bolt Network Effect.

Learn more about the Bolt Network.

The Bolt Network makes this possible. The Bolt Network includes all retailers using Bolt checkout on their site. The moment a shopper makes a purchase from any merchant on the Bolt Network, the shopper can create a Bolt Account to save personal and payment information. The next time that shoppers makes a purchase from any merchant on the Bolt Network, Bolt recognizes the shopper’s Bolt Account through the email or phone number, and offers the seamless, one click checkout experience–even if that shopper has never purchased from your site before. We call this the Bolt Network Effect.

Shoppers using Bolt checkout for the first time can save their shipping and payment information simply at the end of the checkout. When those shoppers return to your site–or any merchant on the Bolt Network– Bolt recognizes the shopper’s email or phone number, allowing for a secure, one click checkout that doesn’t require a password. Shoppers who leverage one click checkout complete orders at a 60% higher rate than shoppers who go through guest checkout.

Integrations and Forms of Payment

Bolt integrates with hundreds of applications and plugins for processes that touch checkout—tax, shipping, APMs and payment processors, back-office ERPs, and many others. Bolt’s network of integrations is always growing as new services and vendors arise. Switching to Bolt also gives you access to our team of engineers, designers, and data scientists that constantly test, iterate, and improve the buying experience on your site.

Merchants can get an all-in-one, enterprise-grade payment infrastructure with Bolt, or integrate an existing payment gateway into the Bolt platform.

Bolt has an open payment platform, meaning we integrate with dozens of other blue-chip processors. From Stripe to Braintree to Adyen and beyond, Bolt works with the best of the best, enabling our merchants to have world-class payment processing as part of their checkout experience.

In addition, Bolt provides an all-in-one payment solution so merchants can accept credit cards and local payment methods, leverage robust transaction and fraud reporting, and maintain one relationship for end-to-end payment needs.

Yes. Bolt works with PayPal, ApplePay, and many other digital wallets.

Today, we most actively work with Magento2, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, Volusion, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. We work with other carts and custom solutions on a select basis.

Contact us to learn more.

White-Glove Customer Service

Yes. Bolt Services is Bolt’s white-glove solution that offers retailers project management, integration services, training and education, testing and launch, and ongoing, dedicated support post-launch.

Before Go-live
Your dedicated Implementation Manager will guide you through the complete implementation process, overseeing all steps so you get up and running smoothly.

Your Integration Engineer will provide consulting and best practices on how to integrate with Bolt using our API or pre-built Plugins. If in scope, they will also complete most of the work for the integration and help you with testing.

Your Customer Success Manager is involved during the implementation and will run training sessions, Q&As, and whatever else your team needs to get familiar with Bolt.

After Go-live
Your Customer Success Manager will always be your dedicated point of contact, available to answer or relay all your questions.

The Customer Support and Education teams will assist with any Bolt questions and provide self-service tools that can be accessed via Zendesk or the Bolt Support Center.

When shoppers reach out for help creating an order—whether by phone, email, or other support channels—you can use Bolt’s Checkout via Link feature. You build the order, then send a simple link to your shopper. Shoppers are directed to the Bolt checkout and prompted to enter their payment information and complete the order.

Product Questions

Yes. Bolt’s Virtual Terminal is a transaction portal that allows online retailers to charge a credit card on behalf of a customer. Similar to a point-of-sale (POS) terminal, Bolt’s Virtual Terminal requires a full set of customer information: first name, last name, card number, expiration date, card verification value number (CVV) email address, and phone number.

Important considerations when using the Virtual Terminal include:

  • Virtual Terminal transactions do not sync with your e-commerce platform.
  • Payment is captured at the time of a successful authorization, also called autocapture.
  • Payments are auto-approved after successful authorization as they don’t undergo any risk review.
  • Virtual terminal transactions are not indemnified for fraud by Bolt. Bolt relies on signals from a customer’s checkout to determine fraud. Because virtual terminal transactions are placed by the merchant, Bolt will not have these signals and cannot indemnify the transaction.
  • Since Bolt does not indemnify virtual terminal transactions, no Bolt fees will be charged on virtual terminal transactions.

Yes. Bolt’s language localization enables shoppers to view checkout instructions and cart totals in their local language.

Yes. You can customize your checkout experience in a variety of ways, including localization, custom notices, custom checkboxes, brand elements and discount codes, to name a few. This allows you to keep your experience on-brand while maintaining control over engagement with your shoppers.

Yes. Today, mobile devices are at the center of many transactions – whether it’s for on-the-go ease, discovery or price comparison. Shoppers want an easy checkout experience that allows them to buy seamlessly from their desktop, tablet or mobile devices. Bolt’s checkout form was designed for mobile and sits on your product page offering a no-scroll, above-the-fold experience.

Contact sales to learn more about our pricing.

Using a multilayered approach of machine learning, rules, and manual review from our in-house risk team, Bolt’s Fraud Protection ensures that fraud never impacts your business. With a 99% order approval rate and 100% fraud chargeback guarantee, you never have to worry about the cost of fraud again.

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Yes, Bolt replaces your existing provider and takes on the heavy lifting of fraud prevention on your behalf. Using a multi-layered approach of rules, machine learning, and our in-house, expert review team, our focus is always approving more orders while protecting your business. Plus, our 100% fraud chargeback guarantee ensures that you never have to worry about the cost of fraud again. Get more information about Bolt’s Fraud Protection here.

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