Fraud is costing you more than just chargebacks

Calculate the total cost of fraud for your ecommerce store

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Annual revenue:

Current fraud solution:


# of employees focusing on manual review:

Average order value:

Current Chargeback rate:

% of orders manually reviewed:


Your True Cost of Fraud:

Learn the cost you're paying for fraud, beyond the chargeback.

Cost of fraud chargebacks  This number represents the rough estimate of dollars you lose to chargebacks per year.question icon


Cost of manual review  This number represents the estimated labor costs of having your team review orders for fraud.question icon


Cost of false declines  This number represents the estimated unrecoverable revenue losses that result from your current fraud solution's rejection of good customers.question icon


Cost of customer lifetime value  This number is a multiplier that estimates the total lost lifetime customer value as a result of the above costs.question icon


Total hidden annual cost of fraud  This number is the sum of all the hidden costs: fraud chargeback costs, manual review, false declines and customer lifetime value.question icon


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