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Conversion-Focused Fraud Detection

More approved orders than ever, without the risk.

Aligned Incentives

Bolt takes a unique approach to fraud detection that is optimized to approve more good orders. With 100% coverage of fraud-related chargebacks, you never need to make a trade-off between conversion and risk.

More Data for Better Decisions

Stop rejecting good customers based on limited data. Bolt approves orders based on a deeper understanding of your customers by analyzing behavioral data from the checkout process, chargeback data, and shopping cart data.

Machine plus human review

Powered by ML

Harness the power of machine learning algorithms that analyze over 200 variables on every transaction. That’s more than 5X the variables considered by other solutions.

Reviewed by Humans

Bolt’s highly trained staff give every potentially declined transaction another review so your team doesn’t have to. And you have the final say with complete authority to override.

Second Chance

When potential fraud is identified, the shopper is given the ability to provide additional information to get their order approved, increasing approval rates even higher.