Unlock Customer Insights from Merchant Analytics

Gain a holistic view into your shoppers’ purchases and buying behavior with advanced reporting capabilities and data visualizations. Easily filter across all transactions, view revenue and average order value (AOV) by payment type, and identify trends from order data, Bolt account performance, and risk analytics.

Get a 360° view of Bolt Accounts

Gain deeper insights into how shoppers with Bolt accounts compare to your guest shoppers. Understand how account creations fueled by the Bolt Network impact your bottom line.

Centralize your payments data

With a single location for payment and refund data, you get a granular view of performance. Understand which payment types are most popular amongst your shoppers so you can make informed decisions on which payment methods to support.

Gain visibility into fraudulent activity

Bolt Fraud Protection provides fraud indemnification, but it’s still important for you to see where and how fraud is impacting your business. Understand model performance and unlock approval rates based on credit card network or channel.

User-friendly functionality

Easily export reports to .CSV files and toggle between different time intervals of all of your metrics. Quickly see the geographic breakdown of your customer base with a map view of transactions and revenue globally.

Features to up-level the entire purchase experience: